Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Welcome To My Blog

I am a thirteen year old ballet dancer who will be taking my first pointe exam in August.
I am doing intermediate foundation, and have been since the beginning of last year. 2010 is my ninth year of ballet.
I live with my Mom, Dad and younger brother just outside a country town in NSW, Australia. I have private ballet lessons twice a week, and help out with the primary and grade two classes. After trying out many different styles of dance, eg: modern, comtempory, jazz, character and free movement.
I decided to stick with classical ballet.

I had to start up a web page for school. After a lot of thought, I decided on the subject of ‘the lead up to an intermediate foundation ballet exam.’
Once I had made my decision, I went to the bookshelf in my bedroom and got out every ballet book I owned. I looked at them for about five minutes, then went off to my Monday ballet class. I thought to myself ‘I will look at those books later.’
It turned out that they stayed on my desk for about a week, then I put them back were they belonged.
I still haven’t looked at them!

Yesterday, at ballet, it was open day. That means that my parents could come and watch, if they wanted to.
They did!
We did about half the exercises, the dance, and the point work. For some reason, I just couldn’t do all of the point work. My feet hurt and it just seemed that I couldn’t get up on them. I felt really bad, because the day that my Mom and Dad had come to watch, I made a real mess of my pointe work! – Sigh!