Thursday, November 10, 2011

2011 Ballet Concert


I am proud to announce that my ballet school will be having their concert on the 3rd and 4Th of December. There will be three concerts in all. One on the 3rd and two on the 4Th.

Unfortunately, because I arrived half was through the year, I was too late to join any concert classes. However, the pointe class I joined is going to be doing a dance in the concert so I'll be in it. WOooH!

Because I am not ..... well ..... friends, as such, with the girls in my pointe class, I was sort of dreading the long rehearsals coming up. (4:00 - 7:00pm every Tuesday). I wouldn't really have anyone to chat to or hang out with.

However, one of my friends from my class at school is in the concert too! I didn't know this until about three days ago. Well, I knew she danced at the same school as I did, but I didn't think she would be doing the concert.

My friend is only in grade 2 (like, in ballet. She's in year eight at school - obviously) so we're not going to be in the same dances or anything, but it will still be fun to hang out with her during the rehearsals and performances.

Also, because school finishes at 3:20, Mom isn't going to pick me up just to drop me back 40 minutes later. (The rehearsals/concerts are at my school in our new auditorium.)
So I'll have someone to hang out with after school while we wait for the rehearsals to start as well.

It's so cool. I'm excited.

My friend was pretty relieved to hear that I was in the concert, too. She said 'Ooh, I was sooo not looking forward to all the rehearsals. I would have nobody to hang out with for like, 4 hours.'

So yes, that's my news. Our dance is coming along pretty well. We are obviously all on pointe so it's great practice. I got to try on my costume on Monday. It's a purple tutu. YAH!

I might just have to take a picture of it and post it on my blog you that you can have a look ......