Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Look!

As you have probably noticed, my blog has taken on an all new look!
I have changed the background, using the website "the cutest blog on the block."
If any of you have a blog, and have never visited "the cutest blog on the block" website - I highly recomend it. There are millions of backgrounds, absolutely free!

What's also good about it is that they give you easy to follow instructions.
Unfortunately, they did miss out one of the steps - so that stuffed me up for a couple of hours, but I eventually worked it out.
If you are thinking of changing your blog's background and have never used "the cutest blog on the block" site before, just tell me and I will give you the step they have left out.

Anyway, if you are a follower of my blog, you probably are here to talk about ballet, not about how to change the background on your blog.

You see, the last time I updated my blog was once ballet classes had finished up for the week. I haven't done any practicing since then, because I have come down with a rotten cold.

It's not influenza, because when I have that I can't even walk from the living room to my bedroom without feeling like I'm going to die!

I think I have just got a bad cold, because I can walk around (I even went for a 250 metre walk the other day), but I am blowing my nose constantly and have to keep taking paracetamol to stop the headaches.

However, having this cold has been good. Since I haven't really been able to do anything but sit in front of the TV or Internet, I was able to spent hours giving my blog a makeover!

(So, you see, little blog, if I hadn't got this cold I wouldn't have been able to give you such a beautiful makeover.)

Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon I will be feeling good enough for an hour and a half of ballet.
Even if I don't feel better, I think that I will just have to go.
After all, it's only a few weeks until "Peta and the Wolf!"

P.S: I did practice grands ronds de jambe en l'air yesterday.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cute Costumes

At Ballet classes this week we have actually hardly done any practice for the concert.

My teacher asked me to come half and hour earlier to ballet this Monday, so I could practice my dancing with the grade 3's.

I (obviously) did. We practiced the dances for the concert then, but haven't done anymore work for it so far.

However, my teacher gave me a photocopy of the steps for the dance, so I can practice at home by myself.

I did that today, but got confused with one bit. In the end I worked it out - I think.

Yesterday, whilst helping my teacher out with the grade 2's, I took the two boys and got started on their dance with them. (They are lions)

That gave my teacher some time to go over some dancers with the girls.

I also got my first sight of the "bee" and "pig" consumes yesterday. We have divided the primary girls up into two groups (in fact, we have also divided the grade two girls up into two groups as well), one group being bees and the other pigs.

The costumes are SO cute. I almost wish I could fit into them.

Although, I guess, my costume (well, the part that we have of it - we've only got the skirt. ha ha) is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

I can't wait for the rehearsals to start so I can wear it! I will have to take a picture of it an "blog it" so everyone can see!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Peta And The Wolf"

Gidday All!

I think that I must just accept the fact that I am really slow at updating my blog.
It's not that I don't absolutely love my blog spot - to be honest, I check it every day for comments and pole updates, it's just that, whenever I DO look at it, there usually isn't time to actually update it. For example, in a school break.

I have spent the last ..... ages trying to change the caption on the header of my blog.
At the moment it says "the lead up to my first pointe exam." Well, we all know that's all over with, so I am trying to write another caption instead. Problem is, I don't know how. Sigh. But ..... If anyone does know, please, don't hesitate to tell me!

Yesterday I spent ages in our office practicing standing on one leg on pointe, the other up on the window still.
I took a video of me doing this, and corrected my mistakes. When I eventually took my pointe shoes off, my feet we all numb and really sore.
I had ballet later that day, too. I don't think my pointe work was that good in class. ha ha.

Hay, I haven't told you this, but our end of year concert this year is going to be "Peta and the wold." Yup, Peta, not Peter.
It is still pronounced the same, but Peter is a girl (me, in fact) and so my teacher decided to change the spelling to Peta - which is pretty cool.

The music for "Peta and the wolf" is really beautiful. I will be doing my dancers on pointe which is really good.
In last years end of year concert, I danced on pointe, too. Unfortunately it wasn't very good, but I guess I had only been on pointe nine and a half months, then.

I am REALLY excited for the concert, even though it's about ........ nine weeks away. Maybe ten.
I will have to ask somebody.

My teacher asked me to come half an hour earlier (4:00pm) on Monday so that I could practice my dances with the grade threes before me, which will be pretty fun doing extra ballet, and having other people to do it with.

Just recently, I have started not just walking and riding the exercise bike but ......


I usually hate jogging, but since our holiday at the beach last week (where I jogged along the beach every day and got my fitness up) I have really started to enjoy it.

Now I must go, my piano teacher has arrived, and, you know what, I think I have said everything I need I wanted to.

Thanks for reading/commenting!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Intermediate Foundation Ballet

Hi again! Sorry I haven't updated for a while.

I have got being upset and angry with myself about my exam marks, but I haven't changed my mind to practice at home.
Unfortunately I have only practiced once in the last week. ha ha - I feel really bad about that.
Straight after this I am going to go and practice.

What I have managed to do it ride 66 km on the exercise bike in three days and walk up and down our drive about a million times (it's quite long, too).

Yesterday I was practicing my arabesque with my leg up on the window-sill and up on demi pointe. I think it set my back off, because now it is really sore and in spasm. Sigh!

It won't stop me practicing right after this, though!

(As I sit here writing this, my brother is watching me - irrrrr. He wants me to write about him. When I asked him what he wanted me to say about him, he just said "Just say that I am a very talented ballet dancer." ha ha)

You know what, I just noticed that since I started intermediate, I haven't really written about it at all.
However, it is going well. The new pointes are AMAZING! I fell like I can do anything on them. I just with that I could have had them before the exam.

Most of the exercises on demi pointe are really hard, but, as I have said before, It is good to be able to do something new!