Other Ballet Blogs

A Dancer’s Life:


This ballet Blog is written by a keen young ballerina, Leanne Fromm. She is currently studying with Irena and Slawomir Wozniak at the Master Ballet Academy. She is training to become a principal dancer in a big company such as the Bolshoi Ballet, Kirov, or the Royal Ballet School. Ballet is Leanne’s biggest passion in her life and she is working hard at it every day. She says ‘I’m a homeschooled ballet freak, who also loves chocolate!’ When Leanne is not dancing, she also enjoys taking photos or reading.

An American Ballerina:


 Rachel Carina is also an enthusiastic ballet dancer. Some of her interests apart from ballet are art, music, photography, guitar, the beach and the moon. On her Blog she writes about her ballet, but also about her life outside of dance.

Ballet & More


Recently, Cha Cha gave up ballet. She wasn’t going to write on her Blog anymore until, until I left a comment saying this:
Will you still write about day to day life, though. I mean, there are millions of blogs out there about ballet, but how many are out there about 'what happens after you've quitted ballet and your new career?'
A few months later, Cha Cha replied, and said that it was a good idea, and she was going to do so. Now she writes about her life once she has quit, and how she is coping with it. Her Blog is inspiring, and I highly recommend it.

From Plies To Pirouettes


 Yet another inspiring story about a young girl named Rebecca, who started ballet when she was, well, a lot older than when most people start. Rebecca is a Christian Girl, and dances for the glory of God. I enjoy reading her Blog, and I hope that you will, too.

A Survival Guide For Dancers


When Chloey was 15 years old, she started Ballet. She decided to set up this Blog so that other ballerinas could come and talk about the thing they loved most ….. dance. Chloey gives great advice that is often very helpful. She also offers an e-mail address, so you can e-mail her and ask her advice there, too.

A Dancer’s Days


‘A Dancer’s Days,’ was the very first ballet Blog that I ever followed. It is written by another young and enthusiastic American dancer. ‘Ballerinablogger,’ is an amazing ballerina, and gives great advice to other dancers. She also tells her ballet stories and about her life in the company. An outstanding Blog that, if you are not following, I suggest you do.