Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Exam!

As always, it wasn't as bad as I though. Though I was still shaking!!!
We stayed at my uncle and aunt's place about half an hour out of Canberra. Even though it is only supposed to take half and hour from their house to Canberra, we left really early (7:30), because we thought that there would be heaps of traffic.
We arrived at 8:15, but only found the building at 8:30. We sat in the car and listened to the Italian news until we saw my teacher.

I said goodbye to my family, then went into the building with my teacher.
There was a lady at the door who we had to give my photo ID and a letter that they sent us to. My teacher handed the lady my photo ID, then I opened my suite case to look for the letter.
I looked and looked and looked, but it wasn't there. My blood literally ran cold!
Thankfully, my teacher had a photo copy of the letter, and the lady said that was good enough.

Then the lady attached a number (8) to the back and front of my leotard. Don't ask me why.....

We then went into the change rooms and my teacher put the "light pink velvet hair ribbon" (she had picked one up for me) into my hair, then she passed me a package and told me to open it once the exam was over.

The lady came in and told me to "say goodbye to Mom and go into the warm up room." (the lady thought that my teacher was my Mom - ha ha!) My teacher said, "Ooh, I am your Mom, OK," then she told the lady that she was actually my teacher. I said goodbye to her and went into the warm up room.

I put on my flat ballet shoes, then did some stretches.
A little while later, another girl came in. Then another. I found out later that a fourth girl was supposed to come, but she never did.
We practices some exercises, then the lady came it. (I have no idea was the 'lady's' name was).
She showed us how we would enter the exam room, and what the examiner and pianists name was.

Then she left us. We warmed up for a while, then the 'lady' came in. She said it was time to go in for the exam.

We collected our pointe shoes (guess what, we weren't supposed to wear toe protectors - but we all took them in with us), then lined up at the door, ready to go in.


The bell went and we all ran in. We said good morning to Mrs. Everson and the pianist (I can't remember her name).
Then we put down our pointe shoes and ran to the arr.

The barr seemed to be okay. One exercise the the other girls did a little differently, I just kept doing it the way I was taught.
We actually skipped a lot of the exercises, I guess that there wasn't enough time to do them all.

The center was okay, too. Except for the 'thing' (I just spent ages on the Internet looking up how to spell in, but google had no idea what I was talking about.) aka: jumble of exercises you have to do at the examiners command. I totally stuffed that up, and so did another girl - ooh well!

Again, we skipped a heap of the exercises. We also had lots of breaks, where we could go over to the corner and have a drink. There was a shelf with a water jug, cups a tissue box and a vomit bowl (thankfully none of us had to us the bowl).

The other girls did the dance a little bit differently from me. But again I stuck to what I was taught, and I think that I did it well - possibly..... (!!!)

Pointe wasn't actually that hard. One of the exercises at the barr we didn't do, and we only did half of each exercises in the center.


Finally the exam was over. We said goodbye to Mrs. Everson and Mrs. Turner (I think that was her name - maybe no!) then ran out.

"No more exams for another year," I though. I got changed into some other clothes, then said goodbye to my teacher.

We went to BLOCH to get me some new pointe shoes, Demi pointe shoes and a new leotard. I got a fantastic pair of pointe shoes, they are sooo comfortable - well, as comfortable as a pointe shoe can get.
The demi pointes are soooo funny. They look just like a pointe shoe, but have nothing at the end. If you go on pointe on them, you actually wreck them!
I tried on litrally millions of leotards, all different sizes. I will have to take a picture the one I chose, and put it on my blog.

After BLOCH we went to the food court. Then headed home.

I am SO glad that the exam is over, and that I don't have to do another one for one more year!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Last few hours!!!

In 24 hours time I will be 40 minutes into my ballet exam! It makes me feel sick just thinking of it!
We leave for Canberra at about 4:00pm this afternoon. I usually love going away.
But this time it is a different feeling.....a kind of feeling of "Ooh, No!"

Yesterday was the last class before my exam. I had one and a half hours helping with the other classes, and just the day before I had ridden 23km on the exercise bike, so I was pretty tired by the time it was my turn.
I've decided not to do any riding or exercise today, I must keep all that energy for tomorrow!

What does make me feel better is the thought that in 25 hours time, it will all be over. Now more exams for another whole year! YAY!

Another thing that makes me feel better, is if I think, "After this exam, I have only got one more ballet exam before I can do my two teachers exams. Once the teachers exams are over, I can teach."
That would be cool.

I love ballet, but I don't actually want be be a ballerina or ballet teacher when I grow up. I would prefer to be a doctor. But I guess that I could do some ballet teaching when I'm at uni, for some extra money.

Last night my Mom sewed on the ballet ribbons to my flat ballet shoes. She had to unpick the elastics that were already on the shoes, then sew on the ribbons.
Mom was talking to be about what I should pack for the exam, while she was sewing. She got distracted, and started unpicking the ribbon she had already sewn on!
Mom got really angy and told me that it was her worst job in the world!
She said that it takes 20 minutes to sew each ribbon on and that she had four to do Then she told me that next time she had to sew ribbons onto ballet shoes, she was going to teach me to do it. HA HA HA! Should I be excited that I get to sew ribbons onto my ballet shoes, or not???

Anyway, half way through the sewing, my mom pricked her finger. She said that she was bleeding all over the ribbon, and asked me to go and get a plaster. I pretended to me a doctor, and rushed off to get a plaster to put on her finger.

Guess what, Mom pricked the same finger again. So I had to get another plaster for her. I don't think that I am exactly looking forward to sewing my ballet ribbons on next time!!!

Finally, the ribbons were on. Then my mom fixed the ribbon on my pointe shoe. It had come a little bit loose without me realising. Thank goodness mom did!!!

You are probably wondering what I will do with this blog once my exam is over.
Well, I will write about how the exam went, then, because I love being a 'blogger,' I will continue it about "The lead up to my foundation exam!" I think that's a good idea.

I will only find out what the results for my intermediate foundation exam are late next month. Depending on how good they are, I might tell you!

I had better go and pack my bag. Only.....23 hours left!

Monday, August 23, 2010

4 More Sleeps!

The heading probably makes it sound as if I were excited - but I'm not.....I'm extremal nervous!
I have only got 2 more classes before the exam.....saying that makes me even more nervous!

We went to a large town some kilometres from where we live, on Friday. We got new ballet stockings, and ribbons to sew onto my flat ballet shoes.

On Saturday we looked and looked and looked for a "light pink velvet hair ribbon, about 1 cm wide," that I have to wear in my hair. Don't ask me why!
After ages of searching, we eventually found one. It was light pink, but now velvet. We bought it anyway, then kept searching for one that was actually made of velvet. We ended up finding one in the shop next door, though it was not 'light' pink, we bought in.
I have to show them to my teacher today, and she can decided which one is the the examiner is going to care, anyway!!!

On Thursday, guess how many kilometres I rode on the exercise bike.....15! I know, I was pretty bored by the end of it.
It sounds like a lot of kilometres, but it really isn't that hard, if you can get past the boredom. It's not so bad if I'm watching TV while I am riding, or listening to my Ipod.
Once I went through a stage where I would do something ridiculous like 25 km per day. It took up so much time and I got tooooo seriously bored, that I stopped.

Later on today it is my second to last ballet class before the exam! I think that we are just going to start the music and keep going, not stopping it at all!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

10 Days To Go!

Mom ordered my ballet stockings today. I have obviously got some, but they are full of holes and are not nearly fit for an exam.
My teacher said that my leotard is OK, so that's good.
We still have to get ribbons for my flat ballet shoes, hair net, bobby pins and.....yep....., I think that's all!

I have been practicing the splits a lot, but I know that I won't be able to do them by the time the exam comes around. Only ten days time! I am SO nervous.
I keep telling my self that I will be just fine, I know all my exercises and can do them all really well. It doesn't stop me feeling nervous, though!

The foundation ballet class on Friday went well. We had it in a smaller hall, just down the road from the one that I usually do ballet in. I know I have said this before, is REALLY hard, even though is's fun!
After doing intermediate foundation for one and a half years, it is nice to have a change. I am kind of getting a little bored of the exercises!

Yesterday, we had to have ballet at the "Little Hall" (as I like to call it) again. The building attached to the "Big Hall" had gone up (or should I say down) in flames just a couple of nights before.
There was nothing wrong with the "Big Hall" but it had a "Do not cross" sign up, so we obviously couldn't dance there! Poor old hall!

So.....back to stretching, and getting ready for the exam. I think I will go and ride the exercise bike now. 7 kilometres.....maybe 10???

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I Know When My Exam Is!

Can anyone guess what date my ballet exam is? I have actually written it on my blog, just in a place you wouldn't really think to look.....It's under "About Izi the Awesome."
My exam is on the 27 Th of August at 10:05 in Canberra. That is.....15 days away. I am really nervous!

I have to bring a photo ID thing to the exam so that the examiner can see that I really am who I say I am, not just someone pretending to be me.
The photo is of me when I was in Northern Ireland last year, outside in the 2 degree weather. The photo had to be four by four centimetres, so most of them were either way too big or way too small.

This week at ballet it has been pretty good. My teacher lent me some thicker toe protectors which REALLY make a difference to the pain when I go on pointe. It is actually quite amazing!

Tomorrow I am going to ballet at 11:00 am. We will be doing the next grade up (foundation), so that my teacher and I can get familiar with the syllabus. Yesterday I found out that there is something like....let me think....12 pointe exercises next year - ouch - But I guess that it will be good to get a head start.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Did A Double Pirrouette - Yay!

No more coughs, so back at ballet this week!
On Monday, it was absolutely freezing outside. Because the hall that we do ballet in is so big, I thought it would be freezing in there, too. Luckily it wasn't.
The people who work in other parts of the building had turned on the heating, so it was really nice and warm.

Wednesday was another story, though. When I arrived at 3:30, it was so cold. Some of the little girls that are in the classes that I help out with, looked absolutely frozen with just the leotard and stockings on.
Lucky for me, when I help out I wear a t-shirt and pants over my leotard. When it came time for my class (an hour and quarter later) I had completely warmed up, and the heating had had time to worm the place up.

I managed to do a double pirouette from fourth position. Let's not talk about how good it was, though. Thankfully I only have to start doing double pirouettes next year!

Talking about 'next year' I am now going for an extra class on Fridays from 11:00 - 12:-00. We will be doing the grade above (elementary).
Actually, it is not really every Friday, I must just text my teacher and every Friday morning to ask whether it is on or not.

Anyway, I had better go. Got to go and do some Italian art homework.....Big Sigh!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

By The End Of The Month, I Will Have Done My Exam!!!

Because I missed ballet on Wednesday, I decided to practice today.
I went into our study, got into pants that I could actually move in (I had jeans on at the time), put my ballet shoes on, and started.
I did all the barr and was really impressed to see that I could do demi grands ronds de jambe without my leg clunking half way through. Once I realised this, I couldn't stop doing it.

One thing I REALLY need to work on is the splits. I can't do them. Once when I was in grade 2 I could almost get down there, but now that I have stopped practicing, I obviously can't do it.
I put on the music to the adage and stretched and stretched and stretched. By the end of it I felt like I had had a very good workout.

Tomorow it is ballet. I have decided that no matter what state I am in, I will go. It is too close to the exam not to.

When I just then wrote "too close to the exam" I just realised that by the end of the month, my exam well be finished.....IT IS AUGUST, I WILL HAVE DONE MY EXAM BY THE END OF THE MONTH!