Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cough Cough - No Ballet Today - Cough Cough!

Cough! Cough! Hi, Cough! Cough!

As you have probably noticed, I have got a terrible cough at the moment. I am not going to ballet today because I was awake from 4:00am this morning until about 6:00.
I coughed and coughed and coughed, every time I took a breath, I coughed. Once I coughed so hard that the cough lollie I was sucking at the time came right out of my mouth and into the bed (I haven't found it yet)

The strange thing was that when I sat up, the coughing stopped, the minute I lay down again, it began. Annoying, I know!!!

I had a really bad cough the night before last, too. But the next day I was fine. I thought I would be OK today, but unfortunately I am still coughing (not nearly as bad as last night, though).
I just had a really nice frosty fruits ice block which will hopefully help my throat to feel a little better.

My ballet is supposed to start in 10 minutes. I guess I will just have to spend the rest of the day looking for meatball and seasol ads, (my drama teacher asked me to) reading a book, and coughing!


Monday, July 26, 2010

My Dream, I Mean, Nightmare!

When I went to bed last night, I must have been thinking about my ballet exam or something, because I had a dream about it! Actually, it was more like a nightmare.
It went like this:

You know how I will be taking my exam in Canberra, well, In my dream, I kept telling my Mom that we had to leave for Canberra or we would be really late for the exam. She kept saying "Ooh, No, It will be okay, we will leave in an hour and a half".
Anyway, when we finally did get to Canberra and find the place I was to be doing my exam at, we were really late. Infact, we were too late for me to get into by ballet stuff or do my hair.
So, I go into the exam with my jeans, thongs, shirt and sleveless jumper. (I also had gloves on, the tipe of gloves you wear when you collect fire wood- don't ask me why)

I started doing the bar, and it was OK. But when I it was time to go into the centre and do releves dessus and dessous, my feet just didn't want to work properly. Firstly I kept tripping up, then I got the wrong foot, then the wrong arm, then the wrong this and the wrong that and it kept going on and on and on and on and on.....


Thankfully, my dream stopped and about that point. But guess what.....I dreamed it all over again (this time without the gloves on).

After dreaming it the second time, I woke up and started coughing (at the moment I have got a really bad cough).

Let's hope that my real ballet exam isn't anything like my dream, I mean, nightmare!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Is One Of My Toes 10 Inches longer Than The Others?

Hello again everybody, sorry about the lack of updates this past week.

My back is still a little sore, but sooo much better than last week. I guess all the pills and spray and hotties helped.

Monday was my first day back at ballet for term 3. I felt really guilty when my teacher asked if I had watched the ballet DVD in the holidays and I said 'No'.
To be honest, I really had forgotten all about it. It was at the back of all my coupboard . Anyway, my teacher asked me to please watch it the next day.
Guess what......I DID!
As I was watching it, I got really worried, because there were all these excerscises that I hadn't learnt.
On Wednesday, I asked my teacher about it. When she told me that I won't have to perform those excerscises in the exam, the relief was huge.

On pointe on Wednesday, nine of my toes hurt at all (which is VERY unusual) But the toe next to my baby one on the left hand foot felt about 10 inches longer.....don't ask me why.
By the end of class, I thought that something might be stuck to the end of my toe, or something like that. But when I took of my shoe, it was just normal.
I am still wondering what it could be. If anyone has an idea, and idea at all, please tell me!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This Is Not An Excuse.......

This probably sounds like an excuse for not practicing, but it's not.
Yesterday, while I was playing our piano, my back started to spasm really badly. I managed to get up and go sit on a proper chair, until the spasm had finished.
It went on for a while and then the stopped. However, it left my back REALLY sore.
I made myself a hot water bottle and a glass of fizzy apple juice, then lay down with the hottie on my back and watched 'the gods must be crazy.'

When I went to bed, by back was starting to feel quite good, but when I woke up this morning, it was another story.
It was so stiff I could hardly move. I hobbled to the bathroom and had a very hot shower. Then my mom rubbed voltaren on it and gave me some neurofen. I ate breakfast then lay next to our dog by the fire with a hot water bottle on my back.
I finally managed to get up an come to the computer to explain why I couldn't practice to all of my readers. Hopefully my back will be better by ballet on Monday.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Smelly Hands!

I am very puffed and tired out because I have just finished practicing. I didn't injure myself at all today, now that's an inprovement!
The reason I decided to practice my ballet today, was because my hands smelt of chook poo -yep, chook poo!
You see, I had taken a little kid that we were looking after for walk to our chicken shed to collect eggs. He bent down and pick up some lovley fresh poo. (If I hadn't stopped him, I think he would have put it in his mouth - he's still very young)
I had to wash all the poo off his hands while he riggeled and cried. I, of course got the poo all over my own ones, too.
No matter how much I washed my hands with soap, lemon, hand cream, perfume and more soap, they still stunk. To take my mind off the terrible smell, I did my ballet. It worked, my hands don't smell anymore, (the stink must have just oozed in) and I got a good workout.
It seems almost GOOD that I got chook poo on my hands!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Never Be Tempted To Try:

1) Doing sautes (a kind of jump) with a low hanging light above you. It will give you a bump on the back of your head.

2) Doing devoloppes when the barr isn't even as long as your leg is. It gives you a sore foot.

I, infact, did these things today while practising ballet. As result, I have a bump on the back of my head (which luckily is healing fast) and a sore foot, (which is still sore).
However, I feel good for practising.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

First Open Day as a Helper!

Hi everyone!
At ballet yesterday, it was open day for the classes that I help out with. I have only been helping for a term, so this was my first open day as a helper - Yes, I was pretty nervous.
It wasn't too bad, actually, after I realised that I didn't have to look at all the moms and dads, but just concentrait on the students. After all, if was only for fifteen minutes at the end of each class (two classes in total)!
By the end of the second class, I had almost forgotten that anyone was watching me.

In my own class, we did some of the intermediate (the grade above). It wasn't too hard, but from other intermediate excerscises I have done this term - I know it gets harder!
However, my pointe work (excerscises from the grade I am in at the moment) was really great, at least I thought it was.
I didn't realise until the end of class, that my Dad had actualy come in and was sitting, watching me doing pointe from the corner.
I was really happy about this, too, because he can then see that my pointe work isn't always as bad as it was on open day - even though he says he cant' tell the difference.

It is now holidays, so my teacher has lent me a DVD so I can have excerscises to do. I have decided to do them twice a week - that is, if i remember........