Saturday, February 26, 2011

Zone Carnival!

Hi All,

Yesterday I went on a three and a half hour bus ride to city for the zone swimming carnival. I was in the 15's Girls 50m backstroke, and although I didn't win it, or make it to state, I had a stack of fun.

The bus trip was fun, and there were two of my friends at the carnival (one was on the bus with me) and it was just heaps of fun to hang out with them.

We watched some races, and then at about 11:30, it was time for my race. I was SO nervous I felt sick. I did my race and came in 5Th, with a time of 54 seconds, which was pretty good, since I was only 59.89 seconds in my race at school the other day.

Once me and my other friends had all finished our races, we were aloud to go into the wave pool in the inside complex. Now that was fun. The waves were massive, and it was a fantastic workout.
After we had spent about 20 minutes in the wave pool, one of my friends had to go, so we got out.

Later that day, one of the teachers took me and some other kids from my school back to the inside complex. We had heaps of fun there for about half an hour swimming in the wave pool, whirl pool, water fall and more ......

We had to leave at about 3:30 that afternoon, but the bus trip was still fun. We even got to stop at MacDonald's for dinner.

So that was my day at the carnival. Okay, it wasn't ballet related, at all, but still - I wanted to share it with you.

Thanks for reading/commenting, everyone!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Quick Update

Hey Everyone!

I don't have much time now, but I just want to give everyone a quick update. Well ...... I have a friend who has been doing Tai Chi for the last month, once a week.

This evening, she went to a class. When she came home, I asked her if she could show me some, so she did. It's sort of a cross between martial arts and some sort of dancing. However, it's pretty cool.

She taught me one move, and then something called a "block," or something. Hang on, let me just ask her, she's at my place right now, actually......

Yeah, it's called a "block." - (or a fend.)

Sorry, this is just so random, but I though that, since it is sort of dance related, I ought to share it with you.

Tai chi looks really easy, but when you try it, it is sort of hard. You have to resist, and it takes a lot of strength. *

(At this point, my friend just came into the room and showed me her routine. She's really awesome at it. I think she should video herself doing it, and put it on You Tube.)

Okay, I think I am going to go and practice my new tai chi move. It's awesome.

Thanks all!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I've Got News .....

Yes, I do indeed have news!
Actually, I have two lots of news. I know they may not be particulary ballet related, but they are still exciting, and will probably have an in pact on my dance.

Okay, first lot of news: We're Moving! It's not a small move either, we are moving states.
At the moment we are living in New South Wales, but we are going to move to Victoria.
When my mom told my ballet teacher, she almost burst into tears. It will be extremely hard to leave the ballet school I am at at the moment, since I am good friends with the teacher, and she's also really good, too.

Mom and briefly looked on the Internet for ballet schools in the new town/city we are moving too. She has found one, but we still have to actually go and look at it.

So that's the first lot of news, the second lots is ..... well, this isn't really ballet related at all, but still, I'm really excited to tell you:

I have been selected to swim in the level just below state! I only found out today. I am so excited, nervous and ..... shocked. The carnival is next Friday ( the 25Th of February), so I've got to start training hard.

I will be doing the 15's Girls Backstroke 50m. Last Friday, when I swam the same race at our school carnival, I was 59.8 seconds, and came second.

I hadn't even practiced for it! I wasn't even sure that I was going to swim in the carnival at all. But I did in the end, because the water looked so nice and cool. It was a hot day, you see, and lots of my friends were swimming, too.

To tell the truth, I actually have a phobia of deep water! I have never been fond of the stuff, ever since I was little, but it has just got worse with age.
My Mom actually had to send a note to one of the teachers last week at sport (we went to the pool for sport last week), to tell them that I had a phobia of deep water, and not to make me go into it if I didn't want to.

So that's my news. I know the stuff about swimming isn't really ballet related, but I still wanted to tell everyone!

Thanks for reading/commenting, my friends!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's Official - I'm the worst person at keeping my blog posts up to date. In the universe!

Hay All,

Sorry - I never seem to blog anymore. I have actually been really busy at the moment.
However, I went back to ballet on Monday. The next day, my thigh muscles were SOOOOOOO sore. I know that I stretched heaps in the holidays, but still - they ached!

After ballet on Wednesday, I showed my teacher how close I was to doing the splits. Pretty close! I simply can't wait until I can do them properly. I guess you have just got to stretch, stretch, stretch!!!

Thanks for reading/commenting!