Friday, December 24, 2010

Last Post For 2010!


Okay ...... Yes, I have been practicing hard for the splits every day for the last 8 days. (I haven't practiced today yet, but right after this I have set some time to.)
I am SO close to doing the splits, it's unbelievable.
I mean, only 8 days ago I decided that I wanted to do the splits, and started practicing.

The other day I went on the internet and looked up "stretches to help you do the splits." I found a website that said "the splits in 6 weeks." I looked harder, six weeks? That's forever. I could do the splits in 1/3 of that time.

So admittedly I can't actually do them, but I wouldn't be surprised if I can do them by tomorrow or the next day! I would be the best Christmas present to myself ever.

I have decided to do "more than the splits."
If you know what I mean.
You don't - do you ..... well, that's understandable, because I am not being very clear. What I am trying to say is, you know how you can look at pictures of people doing the splits, and think to yourself, "Wow, that must hurt," then you look at another picture of somebody else doing the splits and you think, "Wow, that looks so easy."

What makes you think that?

Well, I know!!!!!
If you think "Wow, that must hurt," it is probably because the person in the picture is pushing them self to their very limit to do the splits. So yes, it is hurting them.

If you look at a picture of somebody else doing the splits and think, "Wow, that looks easy, just hang on, I should be able to do them, let me try," it is probably because it is really easy for them to be able to do the splits.

So, how do you make people think, "Wow, that looks so easy," when they look at your picture? Well, you obviously need to not be hurting when you do the splits, and look relaxed and calm, as if nothing is hurting.

"Um, how do you do that?" you may ask. Good question. You have to be able to do more than the splits. That means, perhaps putting a step under one foot, whilst you are doing the splits, to make you stretch even further. Yup, it will hurt, heaps. (Well, I imagine so, I have obviously never done it before.)

Sorry, I am getting really confusing now. Anyway, it basically means that if you want to look good in a picture of you doing the splits, you need to not be straining and looking like you are hurting heaps. So if you can do, "more than the splits," that means when you sit in the splits, it should be really easy and 'hurt free.' If you know what I mean.

If you do not get what I am saying, it is not you, it's me. I'm on holiday at the moment, so my writing skills and decreasing dramatically. Sorry.

Now, what I really need to tell you is that I am not going to be able to update my cute little blog until the very end of January. I know, it's SO sad, but it's SO true.

So, sweet blog, I haven't abandoned you, it's just that I am going to be unable to update you, okay! Poor thing, don't worry, I promise that I will come back.

Okay, I really need to go now, everybody. Thanks so much for all your support this year since I started my blog. I mean, a blog wouldn't be a blog without followers, would it?

I hope everybody has a very


I will be back again at the end of January! Thanks again, everybody, and Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Knowing When To "STOP" Moving Forward

As we all know, Julia Gillard is trying to get everybody to "Move Forward." As a proud Australian, I want to do what our Prime Minister says. Unfortunately, that can't always be the case.

For example, with the splits. So you see, the other day, I decided that I wanted to be able to do the splits by next week. I practiced, practiced and practiced.
Not just doing the splits, but doing many other exercises that will help be get there faster. In the last 4 days I have practiced for at least one hour per day - Just exercises to do the splits.

Last night, I noticed that my legs were starting to hurt - just a tiny bit, hardly noticeable at all. Before I went to bed, I rubbed Voltare all over my legs and lower back.
I decided that a good night's sleep and Voltare rubbed all over my self would do the trick.

This morning when I got up, I noticed that the slight bit of pain had completely disappeared. ha ha - Well I though it had.

Anyway, we went out to watch my bro play cricket this morning, so I spent about 3 hours just sitting. This was GREAT - it gave my muscles a chance to relax even more.

However, when we got home, I though it a good idea to go and practice, after all - the pain was all gone, wasn't it? I practiced for about 15 minutes, then went and had lunch. After lunch, I came back and practiced, practiced, practiced.

By the end of it, my legs were actually very sore. I went and had a break, then came back and did more, more, more! Yes ..... you guessed it, I came out with my legs shaking, and feeling like all the muscles in them had been ripped to pieces.

So, what I am trying to say is, whatever you are doing, whether it is practicing for the splits, or anything else, we all need to know when to "STOP." You see, I could decided to go and do another two hours practice, and by the end of it, I probably would be VERY near to my goal.

However, in the process, I could end up really injuring my self.

So my advice to anybody who had got a goal is ..... Yes, practice, practice, practice, but you must remember that there is a time when we all have to stop moving forward (not for long, just until our bodies have rested), rub some voltaren on yourself and have a good rest.

Thanks for reading/commenting guys!

Monday, December 13, 2010

It's All Over For The Year!!!

The concert was awesome!

It went for 45 minutes - which was actually quite long! Last years concert (I think it was the first concert the ballet school had ever had, it's still really new) only went for about 20 minutes.
This years concert was much grander!

Last year, the hall was pretty small, there was no special sound system, and no curtains. But this year ..... the hall was all renovated and new (bigger, too) the stage was bigger (I think .... - still good enough, though), there was a huge sound system, electric curtains and ..... it was just awesome!

There were also loads more students this year than last year. I am not exactly sure how many are in the school, but I would say about 40. Last year there wouldn't have been nearly as many.

Anyway, let me not tell you about the actually concert. Well, all the students were asked to arrive 1 hour before the concert was supposed to start. They were also all asked to come with their hair and make up done.
So, all my teacher and I had to do (and other helpers, too) was get the costumes for everyone, and fix up a bun or two.

I ran over a dance with one of my groups, then ...... it was time to go on stage. They were cute, what with all their hair and make up on, and their amazing costumes.
Of course, up there on stage in front of 80 - 90 people, they were very nervous, but they still did well.

Unfortunately two of the groups went onto the stage way too late in the final. But it didn't really matter, they were only about 4 - 6 years old.

Finally, after what felt like forever, it was time for the older students to go onstage. I think that I was okay.
My pointe work was good - I thought, but that was just me thinking that, so who knows what it looked like from an audiences pointe of view. I have really noticed that, since doing all the work for my concert, my pointe work has improved dramatically.

The other older students were great, too.
Apparently one little boy (I know him) said to him Mom, "Mommy, what's the wolf going to do?" His Mom just said to him, "Don't worry, he's just pretending to be a wolf." Then the little boy turned to his Mom and said, "Mommy, what is Izi pretending to be, then." Him Mom explained to him that I was Peta, and that the wold wasn't going to eat anybody, it was just acting.
ha ha - so cute!!!

Anyway, after the concert by teacher brought me and another girl out onto the front of the stage, and told the audience how we had done exams this year, and said that we had done "very well," ha ha - thankfully she didn't tell them about my marks.

Then, one of the Mom's of the girls who I help out with stood up and thanked both my teacher and I (and another lady who had been helping with the concert in the last few weeks,) and gave us all flowers.

(At the moment, I have the flowers in my bedroom. They smell sooo strong and I just love the smell.)

Once everyone was aloud to get up and go outside for afternoon tea, my Mom and Dad and Grandparents, (who had come down to watch the concert) all started taking pictures of me and my flowers and my teacher.

ha ha - I felt famous.

So ..... ballet is finished for the year, and we now have 7 whole weeks of holiday. Although I am going to keep practicing my pointe and other work through the holidays.
I want to keep my pointe up, I really feel like I am improving at the moment, and I also want to be able to do the splits by the time I go back to ballet next year.

So, if you are following my blog, stick around, I will be updating every week.

Thanks so much to everyone for reading/following/commenting on my blog over the last few months - I really appreciate everybody who does.

Thanks again

Izi x

P.S: Sorry, I don't have time to read through my work before I post it on the internet today. ha ha - there were probably be heaps of mistakes. Anyway, hope you still enjoyed.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Images are: 1) Blisters on my toes, 2) My pointe shoes, 3) the skirt that goes with my costume, 4) My costume

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

100 mph!

Well ...... it has been busy lately, so that's the reason I haven't been able to update my blog for quite a while.
Let me think .... when was the last time I updated. I think it was the, hang on, perhaps the the Wednesday after last. Well, heaps has happened since then.

I had a one hour class with the grade 3's last Monday, then my own one hour class.

On Tuesday I we had extra lessons, so I was helping teaching for 40 Mins (20- Mins primary and 20 Mins grade 2), and then I had a lesson with the grade 3's again for 20 minutes.

Wednesday was normal classes. Did I mention that since Monday last week we have been at the venue for the concert? We have been able to practice on stage heaps. Even though it isn't a massive stage, it is still a good enough to fit everyone on comfortably enough.

I had to miss Friday's ballet class, but I was back Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Right now I am supposed to be in the middle of a class, but, due to a sore throat and headaches, I decided to miss it.

My Mom said that it would be better to rest than go to ballet, because I don't want to be sick on the day of the concert. I mean .... Wow - would just suck!!!

Anyway, because of all this dancing I have been doing (a lot of it on pointe), my feet are pretty sore and blistered. I guess that's just what happens when you stand on your toes for hours on end. Ooh well ......

The good thing is, though. Because I have been doing all this pointe work for the concert, I have noticed that my pointe in just usual classes has really improved.
Practicing more really does work.

One thing my Mom told me to put on my blisters was ...... Vitamin E oil. It is really thick and smells disgusting, but it works! Just apply it twice a day and your blisters will disappear.
I had one blister that just would not go away.
When I started using Vitamin E oil, it almost disappeared immediately. Try it ..... if you have blisters.

Okay, I think that I had better go and cut my toe nails. They are really long and need snipping off before the concert. Only 3 Days and 22 hours away! YAY

Thanks for reading/commenting

P.S: My teacher gave me my costume to take home the other day. Sorry, I have been really slack and haven't taken a picture yet. I will ..... I promise, and put it onto my blog.