Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hey There, School Friends!

Hello my friends!

So, this post is totally un ballet related! (sorry to all those people who follow my blog because they love to talk about ballet, unfortunately it is this post, and this post only that not ballet related.

You see, since we are moving, I have given all my friends at school the address for my blog so that they had some way of keeping in contact with me (I don't have face book.) I am writing this post today to welcome all of my friends who have decided to follow.

I know, most of you are probably not at all into ballet, but that's okay. Don't worry about actually reading the posts (that's this part, like - read it now, but don't worry about reading all the other posts), just go to where it says comments (that's at the bottom of each post), and click on it.

Okay, got that? Good! Now, you can leave messages (like, totally as long or as short as you like) and I will reply. If we're online at the same time, you can even chat. It's pretty cool, hey.
I am hoping to set up another blog, not a word about ballet in it, so if you're not that into dancing, then you could follow that one instead.

I hope that we can all stay in contact, since you are all totally awesome. Thanks for being my friends, everyone!

Izi xx