Tuesday, January 3, 2012


HAPPY 2012!

I just finished doing some ab exercises.

OK, so people tell me that I have got a good figure and everything, and I guess it's true ... ish, but what I really want are abs.

ha ha, and you are probably laughing now, but it's true.

I just bought a new Ipod Touch (it's really awesome, got wi-fi and everything!) I was browsing the app store the other day and found this a.m.a.z.i.n.g. app. It's called 'ab workouts.'

The app is free, and it's got a whole lot of ab exercises you can do to get those muscles working. Some of them include:

- Abdominal Holds

- Bicycle Crunches

- Planks

- Side Crunches

- Sit Ups

You can click on each exercise and it will tell you how to do each exercise properly.
I have found this very useful as it gives me lots of new exercises to do, as well as teaches me how to do them properly.

If you are wanting to get fit and/or get abs, I highly recommend this ap.

Something else that also helps me when I'm doing these exercises is music. I've got a whole lot of great music on my iPod, so putting this on when I'm exercising really helps, especially if it's got a fast beat.

Thanks for reading/commenting. I'll be back again to do another post soon.