Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Poll Update

Just a quick update to tell you about how my polls have been going.

Well, the first one closed on Monday. The results were:

Awesome - 33%
Interesting - 38%
Boring - 0%
Informative - 17%

So thanks to everyone who voted. The reason I am setting up all these polls, is because I want to know what YOU think of my blog. Because after all, it's the readers who need to be enjoying it, as well as the author.

The next poll that I just set up a couple of minutes ago asks you what type of posts you would like to see more of. You can vote:

- Informative posts
- 'Diary,' updates
- Picture posts

This is just for me to get an idea of what posts I should do MORE of. However, if 'picture posts,' wins, say, it doesn't mean that I am going to totally stop doing other posts, it just means that there will be MORE picture posts.

Please vote on my polls. I really want YOU to enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing on it. As I have said before, you don't have to have a blog or a Google account to vote, so please, head right over to the right had side of the screen to vote now.

Thanks all!

P.S: Thanks you so much for not voting my blog as boring, everyone. ha ha. U R All Awesome :) lol


Juliette said...

Hi Izi! I entered your poll :) I love your diary updates ( that's what i entered) but would also love to see some pics!!!!! Thanks so much for writing this blog! It is so amazing.... don't know what i'd do without it lol! Have a fabulous day/night!!!!!!!!

Izi said...

Hi Juliette,

Thank you so much for your comment. I'm glad that you appreciate my blog.

Yeah, I like writing diary posts, too. I think it's winning, actually - I mean, on the poll.

Thank you for voting! Really means a lot. lol.

Izi :)

Heidi-Mari said...

Hi Izi
I voted too! I really like to read about other people doing ballet too!

Guess what...................I got my first pair of point shoes on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My ballet teacher went with me and a few of my classmates and she helped us choose our points!
I got a “Sansha” make and also got “pointe shoes pads”.
My shoes fit really nice and I love them! Though I know I’m going to have to work very hard to be good!
Can’t wait till my first class!
I will post some pictures on my blog soon so that you can have a look!

Have a blessed week

Izi said...

Hi Heidi,

YAY! That is sooo exciting. The next post will be all about 'your first pair of pointe shoes,' how about that? Just for you.

Yes, it does take a LOT of hard work, and it's painful and soon you'll have lots of blood and blisters, but let me tell you, it's so worth it. Once you can do that first little spin on pointe, or that first perfect releve, or arabesque on pointe, it is AMAZING!

Work hard and you'll love it!


Izi :)

Heidi-Mari said...

WOW Thank you Izi!
I’m not sure what to expect for my first class on Monday, but I’m sure I’ll be fine!
I really hope and pray not to have blisters AND blood.
My dad (who is a natural homeopath) will also help me to keep my feet ok.
Thank you for the advise!
Have a blessed day

Anonymous said...

Hi Izi

You are like total awesome in every way shape form!!!!

Izi said...

Hey anonymous,

i'm at school right now sitting next to you replying to your comment. i know who you are!!!!!!! u r elizabeth and i am excited about you coming around tomorrow. it will be AWESOME!

ok, we have to go now somewhere you say now. bye