Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Barr ..... Outside

So it has been six days since I last updated my cute little blog.

On the weekend, we had a big fundraising lunch for all the slum kids in India. (I know, it's not really related to ballet, but you will see why I mentioned it, right now.)

Well, you see, we had a huge table and bench on our front veranda, that took up most of the space.
On the day of the fundraiser, Mom and Dad decided to move the table and bench out onto the front lawn, so the kids could sit and eat their lunch there.

The veranda looks HUGE without the table there and so I though I might just tell all my blog followers, seeing as I thought they would be really interested in that kind of stuff.


Turns out that the railing on the veranda is just the right height for a barr for me. (I only discovered that today. Shows how amazingly observant I am, doesn't it - since we have lived in this house for 9 years. ha ha )

Anyway, I got really excited and started practicing right there and then.
I asked my Mom about whether to wear ballet shoes on the veranda or not.
Since it is not actually concrete, but tiles instead, Mom said that it should be okay, as long as I wore thick socks over my ballet shoes.

So that's the shoe thing fixed, but what about the music - there is no power plug outside. I immediately though of my ipod. Just recently I got itunes, but unfortunately I,

1) don't have and itunes card.

2) Don't know how to use it, anyway.

I decided to ask nah-nah (she's a friend of ours) if she could help with it. she said yup, and that she would come over and help me soon.

I am soooo excited that I now have a barr that is the right size for me - and that I will soon have the intermediate ballet music syllabus on my ipod.

Thanks for reading/commenting

P.S: I have STILL got a really snotty nose, irrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Kylie said...

very good discovery iz...tho im surprised it took you 9 years.
i couldn't get the pic for the header from picnic...it loses the photos after a certain amount of time or something. sorry!

Izi said...

Hi Kylie,

Thanks for the comment!

I know, I'm really suprised that it took me nine years to figure it out, too.

Thanks for trying the thing with the header for my blog. I know, it's SUPER hard to get it to work. I have got someone else in mind who I might ask, but if it doesn't work, I am not too bothered about it.

Thanks again!

Izi xoxo

Anonymous said...

By the way Thanks 4 repling to all our comments. It's very nice of you. I LOVE YOU'R BLOG.

Izi's biggest fan xoxox

Anonymous said...

I also love the ballet photos

Izi said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for reading/commenting I am glad that you really like my blog. I also love the ballet photos. They are sooooo beautiful,

Thanks again, Izi xoxoxo

Lauren said...

Ok I'll admit it. I'm the anonymous commenter.