Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thankfully My Snotty Nose Is Starting To Dry Up!

It has been four days since I last updated my blog - I feel quite proud for updating it so regualy. ha ha.

Last time I updated, I was blowing my nose constantly, had a sore throat, and just wanted to die! However, since then I have been on the road to recovery!
I have only blown my nose about ten times today (I know it sounds like a lot, but actually it isn't!), and my throat is feeling much better.
Infact, I'm not even on any paracetamol!

I did end up going to ballet on Monday, and guess what ........ I didn't have to blow my nose AT ALL in class. Unfortunatly when classes were over and I got into the car to come home, the snot just started pooring out of me. ha ha ha - You probably don't want to hear too much about my snot situation.

Now, I would just like to thank everyone for voting on the poll "How many hours a week should Izi practice by her self at home."

The results were:

14% 1 hour

42% 2 hours

28% 3 hours

14% 4 hours

Our obvious winner was "2 hours," with 42% of the votes. To be honest, I kind of hoped it would win. So, two hours it is then. Although, I guess I will probably end up practicing more sometimes.

In just an hours time I have to get ready for ballet. 2 hours - I hope I cope. ha ha - I am pretty sure I will be okay.

Anyhow, wish me luck. Hope you all have a great rest of your week, everyone!


Heidi-Mari said...

Hi Izi

Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog!
I love your blog.
I've never seen a ballet blog before and I think it is a great idea!
I love to do ballet, sadly ballet is not so big in South Africa as it is in NSW Australia.

I can't believe you are already on points! I also started ballet when I was 5 years old. But I'm only going to get points in a year or two.
My feet are not properly out grown jet, my ballet teacher says it is dangerous if not.
I'm doing ballet twice a week, one class grade 5 and the other grade 6.
In what ballet grade are you?
We can decide if we want to do exams.......I wanted to.
But my ballet teacher says it's not worth it, and then I might lose my love for ballet.

My biggest dream is to be the main character in a ballet concert.
My ballet school only have a ballet concert every second year. We had a concert this year and I really enjoyed it!
There are some pictures on my blog if you maybe want to have a look: http://hei​discrafts.​blogspot.c​om/2010/09​/photos-of​-ballet-co​nsort.html

Anyway hope your nose gets better soon.

Have a blessed day

Izi said...

Hi Heidi-Mari,

Thanks for reading/commenting on my blog. It's really exciting when somebody I don't know comments!

I agree, it's really dangerous if your go on pointe when your feet aren't ready for it. Hopefully you will be able to go on pointe soon, though!

At the moment, I am going the Intermediate grade at ballet. It is fun, but really hard work!

I have done HEAPS of exams for ballet. Thankfully I still really enjoy it. My advice is "just give it a go!"

My biggest dream for ballet also used to be to get the main charactor in the ballet concert. That was, until I got to...... this year. We are going "Peter and the wolf." I am Peter!

At my ballet school, we do concerts every year, though I guess it would be a good idea to only do it every second year, so you can have more time to prepair.

Thansk again for reading and commenting - I really appreciate it!

Izi xoxo

Your BEST FRIEND that's missing you said...

Sorry I haven't been commenting laltly. We've had more computre problems. I hope your ballet consert goes well. I miss you heaps

Izi said...

Hi Best Friend that is missing me!

I am missing you too, heaps. I hate when our computer has internet problems. I feel like my "conection to the world" has been cut off. I kind of feel ..... lost! I know, it's really bad.

I hope my concert goes well, too.

Izi xoxo