Wednesday, December 8, 2010

100 mph!

Well ...... it has been busy lately, so that's the reason I haven't been able to update my blog for quite a while.
Let me think .... when was the last time I updated. I think it was the, hang on, perhaps the the Wednesday after last. Well, heaps has happened since then.

I had a one hour class with the grade 3's last Monday, then my own one hour class.

On Tuesday I we had extra lessons, so I was helping teaching for 40 Mins (20- Mins primary and 20 Mins grade 2), and then I had a lesson with the grade 3's again for 20 minutes.

Wednesday was normal classes. Did I mention that since Monday last week we have been at the venue for the concert? We have been able to practice on stage heaps. Even though it isn't a massive stage, it is still a good enough to fit everyone on comfortably enough.

I had to miss Friday's ballet class, but I was back Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Right now I am supposed to be in the middle of a class, but, due to a sore throat and headaches, I decided to miss it.

My Mom said that it would be better to rest than go to ballet, because I don't want to be sick on the day of the concert. I mean .... Wow - would just suck!!!

Anyway, because of all this dancing I have been doing (a lot of it on pointe), my feet are pretty sore and blistered. I guess that's just what happens when you stand on your toes for hours on end. Ooh well ......

The good thing is, though. Because I have been doing all this pointe work for the concert, I have noticed that my pointe in just usual classes has really improved.
Practicing more really does work.

One thing my Mom told me to put on my blisters was ...... Vitamin E oil. It is really thick and smells disgusting, but it works! Just apply it twice a day and your blisters will disappear.
I had one blister that just would not go away.
When I started using Vitamin E oil, it almost disappeared immediately. Try it ..... if you have blisters.

Okay, I think that I had better go and cut my toe nails. They are really long and need snipping off before the concert. Only 3 Days and 22 hours away! YAY

Thanks for reading/commenting

P.S: My teacher gave me my costume to take home the other day. Sorry, I have been really slack and haven't taken a picture yet. I will ..... I promise, and put it onto my blog.


A girl who REALLY WANTS Izi to come and see her. said...

Hi Izi
I really enjoyed comming to your place last week. Wow (I just realised) this time last week, I was leaving your place. Time flys. You HAVE to come to Toowoomba now! I've soooo much to show you like my new kitten. I'll send you some pics of him later on our email, if it works yet!
From Lauza xoxox

Izi said...

Hay Lauren,

I would also really love to come and visit you in Toowoomba one day. I hope that day comes soon. I was really great seeing you last weekend, I hope that you can come again soon.

YAY - so glad that you got your new kitten, how exciting!!!

We have also had problems with our e-mails, but they seem to have been okay for the last 8 days, let's hope it stays like that.

Ok - going to go and check my e-mails now....

Izi x