Thursday, December 9, 2010


Images are: 1) Blisters on my toes, 2) My pointe shoes, 3) the skirt that goes with my costume, 4) My costume


Jordan said...

I really like your costume, but those blisters look painful! :) x

Izi said...

Hay Jordan,

I am glad that you like my costume. I think it's really pretty, too. When I showed my dad, he didn't think much of it, though! ha ha

Yeah, those blisters do look painful, but reall, I don't feel them anymore. Whether I have just got used to it, or they really DON'T hurt, I'm not sure.

Thanks for reading/commenting. Izi xoxoxo

Heidi-Mari said...

WOW Izi!
That is BEAUTIFUL! I just live it!
Hope your blisters get better soon and good luck with the concert!
How many shows do you have?
Have a blessed day and have fun!

IZI'S BIGGEST FAN!!! said...

I also LOVE your costume, especially the skirt. It looks nicer if you see it in person though. OUCH the blisters look REALLY, REALLY painful. I HATE blisters. I pearsonly think ballerinas are amazing at balancing on those shoes! I could NEVER do that. Although, lots of people think the gymnastics movements I can do are amazing too, and I think there easy. Mabye balancing on those shoes are raelly easy for you, and you can't understand why other people think it's amazing. Anyway, I'll always think you're amazing.

Izi said...

Hi Heidi-Mari, :)

Thanks so much for the comment. My blisters are actually feeling a lot better in the last few days. They have actually started to dry out a bit and are "looking good!" How long until you get to go on pointe?

I only had one performance, and that was yesterday (I will write a post about it later.)

Have a great rest of your day.

Izi xoxoxo

Izi said...

Hi Lauren,

Yup, going on pointe may look AMAZING, but it's really hard work. You have to balance, pointe your toes hard, make sure the rest of you looks beautiful and put up with the pain. Although I guess it's worth it, since it looks so great!

Izi xoxoxo

Heidi-Mari said...

Hi Izi
I have just finished reading your newest blog posting.
I’m glad you have a great time with the consort!  
I’m not sure when I’m going on pointe, My teacher said we should maybe talk about it in the new year.
But most of the girls in my ballet school only go on pointe at age 15 - 16. (I’m only 13 :( )
I think I might go on pointe a bit earlier than some of the others because in my one class, most of the girls are on point. (I don't know, positive thinking I guess!)

Enjoy your holiday! (I'll finish school this week! yipeeeeeeeeee!!!)

And have a blessed day

Izi said...

Hello again Heidi-Mari!

How exciting that you might be ablt to go on pointe next year. Make sure you get good pointe shoes. (for example: European Balance) My first pointe shoes were the "bloch" make. As much as I love bloch, there pointe shoes are REALLY hard to dance it.

We finish school this week too. Yay!

Thanks for reading/commenting, and if you ever need advice about dance, just contact me by leaving a comment.

Have a great day! Izi xoxoxoxo

Lauza said...

I just read my own comment. I am TERIBBLE at wrighting comments. I blabber on about nothing really. I hope I don't really talk like that. It's a wonder I have any friends. Anyway, you haven't dumped me yet, so I'm doing really well at friendships.

Izi said...

Hay Lauza,

You are SO not terrible at writing comments - not at all. I reckon that "talking a lot of blabber," is actually cool. There are times when you are supposed to be serious (and you are serious at those times, trust me) and times when you ARE just supposed to blabber. ha ha - for example, on blogs!

Anyway, missing you heaps! And ..... by the way, I will never "dump" you.

Izi xoxoxoxo

Lauza said...

See I am doing really well at friendships! I won't ever dump you aswell.
Lauza xoxo

Lauza (again) said...

By the way check out your emails. Our computer is working, YEAH!!!

Cassie said...

Nice costume. More modest them mine.

Cassie xoxoxo

Izi said...

Yeah, it is a VERY nice costume. My teacher even let me keep the leotard!