Thursday, February 17, 2011

I've Got News .....

Yes, I do indeed have news!
Actually, I have two lots of news. I know they may not be particulary ballet related, but they are still exciting, and will probably have an in pact on my dance.

Okay, first lot of news: We're Moving! It's not a small move either, we are moving states.
At the moment we are living in New South Wales, but we are going to move to Victoria.
When my mom told my ballet teacher, she almost burst into tears. It will be extremely hard to leave the ballet school I am at at the moment, since I am good friends with the teacher, and she's also really good, too.

Mom and briefly looked on the Internet for ballet schools in the new town/city we are moving too. She has found one, but we still have to actually go and look at it.

So that's the first lot of news, the second lots is ..... well, this isn't really ballet related at all, but still, I'm really excited to tell you:

I have been selected to swim in the level just below state! I only found out today. I am so excited, nervous and ..... shocked. The carnival is next Friday ( the 25Th of February), so I've got to start training hard.

I will be doing the 15's Girls Backstroke 50m. Last Friday, when I swam the same race at our school carnival, I was 59.8 seconds, and came second.

I hadn't even practiced for it! I wasn't even sure that I was going to swim in the carnival at all. But I did in the end, because the water looked so nice and cool. It was a hot day, you see, and lots of my friends were swimming, too.

To tell the truth, I actually have a phobia of deep water! I have never been fond of the stuff, ever since I was little, but it has just got worse with age.
My Mom actually had to send a note to one of the teachers last week at sport (we went to the pool for sport last week), to tell them that I had a phobia of deep water, and not to make me go into it if I didn't want to.

So that's my news. I know the stuff about swimming isn't really ballet related, but I still wanted to tell everyone!

Thanks for reading/commenting, my friends!


Chloey* said...

How exciting (both news)! I hope your ballet studio works out, or is even better than your last one :)

Izi said...

Hay Chloey*

Yeah, I hope it works out too, although nothing could be as great as the one I'm at. Although I do hope it is very close to it.

Thanks for the comment!

Izi xoxoxo

PS: I keep meaning to check out your blog again (anyone else who is reading this, Chloey's blog is awesome, just click on the link above her comment) but have been really busy. Got to go to school now, but will check it out when I get home!

Lauren said...

Yay Izi.

Good work swimming below state level. I'm proud of you. I have always loved swimming, and I'm glad that you do too.

I hope moving goes well. I'm still in shock that you are actually moving. I probally won't see you this easter then. I hope I will still see you just as much.

Love Lauren xo

Rachel Carina said...

woah, that's crazy exciting news!! Congrats on swimming, and I wish you all the luck on a happy and easy move. Finding a new school can be tough and hard to let go of your old friends and teachers, but it will all work out in the end.

Izi said...

Hi Lauren,

Yeah, I am still in a bit of shock too, about us moving that is. And also about me going to zone on friday. It's all ..... weird, but hopefully all for the good.

Izi xoxoxo

Izi said...

Hi there, Rachel,

Thanks! Yeah, I am really excited but also nervous about zone on friday.

And about moving, yeah, it will be really hard to leave my school, because it's soooo amazing, and the teachers are so fantastic, but hopefully it will be all for the good.

Thanks again,

Izi xoxox

Jordan said...

Whoa. Big news Izy. Hope it all goes well! x

Izi said...

Hey Jordan,

Thanks so much for the comment. Sorry, I have been SOOOOO slack at blogging lately. I promise - I will read your blog soon.

Yeah, it is big news. Hopefully all for the good. I hope it goes well to.

Thanks again, and yes, I promise to check out your blog soon!

Izi xoxo

Izi said...

Hi To All The People Who Commented/Read Thiis Post:

When I wrote this post, I was really upset about moving. I had just started at an amazing school, and couldn't believe I had to leave it sooo soon. I thought that I must now tell you that yes, moving was all for the good. I just read through all the comments left my so many people. Thank you. I love my school more than I love my old one, a lot more, and I love our new town far more than I love our old one. Yeah, I do get home sick from time to time, but that's just nornal, hey?

Thank you all so much again. As little as it may seem, your comments made a difference in my life. I don't know that ayone will ever read this comment I am leaving right now, but if you do, well, I'm happy.

Thanks again for making that difference in my life.

Izi :)