Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yes - It HAS Been A While!

SORRY, I HAVE NO IDEA WHY IT IS POSTING IN THIS ALL SQUISHED UP FORMAT. JUST KEEP WITH ME FOR NOW, I WILL TRY TO GET IT TO WORK PROPERLY FOR NEXT TIME. SORRY ...... I AM REALLY IRRITATED WITH THIS COMPUTER RIGHT NOW! Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Everyone! I'm really sorry that I have taken SOOOOO long to post. You see, because of the move, we havne't had our internet up, so I haven't been able to blog. But, FINALLY, today it got set up. I admit, I was the first person to rush to the computer and jump on the internet .... aah, my life's back! We arrived in this awesome place on the 17th of March, today is the 17th of April, so it's been a month. Long story cut short, I LOVE it! It's way bigger to the town we were living near before we moved, so it's a big strange, but it's also TOTALLY awesome! I started at a really good school a few weeks ago. It's great, and I have made a whole lot of lovely friends there and I am loving every minute of it (well, almost :) ha ha Just last week I started ballet. My teacher danced with the Australian Ballet for a couple of years, and is the most amazing ballet dancer. She's also a really good teacher, and tell you exactly what you have to work on, but I am really missing my previous ballet teacher - a lot. During the holidays I am dancing for an hour in the morning, twice a week, but during school term, I will dance on Saturday mornings, and have a pointe class some other time, too. Fun, Fun! Sorry this post has to be a short one, but I think my family is off to the beach, and want me to come with them. Chat Soon! P.S: Thank You SOOOOOO much for all the comments everyone kept posting, even though I never replied due to having no internet. Don't worry, if you go and have a look now, I have replied to all of them, well, most of them! Thanks again, it always makes me feel fantastic whenever I see a comment waiting for me! xxx


Heidi-Mari said...

Hey Izi
SO glad you got internet again!! I can't wait to read all about your new home and ballet!
I hope you enjoy the beach!
Have a great day till next time!

Lauren said...



I'm really excited as you can tell.

Izi said...

Hi There, Heidi-Mari,

Hey, you know what .... yesterday when I loggen onto my blogspot, I noticed that you had updated YOUR blog. I really wanted to read it, but unforutnatly we had to go out, so I couldn't. But Now ..... I'm off to right away.

Izi xoxo

Izi said...


Yes, we are finally on the internet! SOOOOOO exciting. Unfortunatly, we haven't got our e-mails set up yet. I mean, I can read incomming e-mails, but can't send any .... yet! That's okay, though - Dad's working on it.

love love

I xxx

Holly said...

Hi Izi!
I have just started to follow your blog! I love ballet too, and used to do it. (not any more!)
Glad your back and blogging :) Your background is so pretty!'

Izi said...

Hi Holly!

Thanks so much for the comment and for becomming a follower. Yeah, are you one of Lauren's friends? I think she said that she had a friend called Holly. Anyway, nice to be able to start getting to know you.

Just about to become a follower of your blog,

Izi xoxo

Holly said...

Thanks Izi! Yes, I'm am friends with Lauren and Cassie. Do you know her??
Looking forward to becoming better blogging friends.

Izi said...

Hi Holly,

Yeah, I know Lauren really well. Actually, we have been friends since she was six or seven. And I sort of know Cassie. We haven't actually met, but we blog to each other, and e-mail.

Hey, I LOVE your blog. It's soooo interesting and cool!

Izi xoxo

Lauren said...

Oh yeah Izi, I was going to send you an email about Holly's blog, but our email isn't working, but I'm glad you found it! Also check out her sister's if you like, her blog is pretty cool also.

Lauren said...

Just to show you my other photo Izi, I'm sending this comment. Please tell me which one you like best.

Lauren said...

As you can see I like changing my profile pic.

Izi said...


Ooh no, how terrible, your e-mail not working. That must just suck! ha ha, I like all your profile pictures. My favourite one is the one of your and your cat, I think. cute!

Since you don't have e-mail, should we arrange to chat on my blog sometime? I've got ballet training in the morning, until about 10:45am, and then Nick's got fishing at 2:00pm, but anytime between then should be good, just leave a message and tell me.

I'll be checking my blog constantly, as always!

Izi xxoo

Lauren said...

I don't think I can chat to you after 10:45 we're going to Cassie's house. Mabye tomorrow?

Izi said...

Hi Lauren,

Ooh well then, today's Saturday, could you chat today? Just give me a time. However, I'll be online at 11 am.

Izi xoxo

Lauren said...

Hi Izi

Sorry I haven't told you a time sooner. Anytime soon would be great. Soon as in up untill 12:00. Hopefully I'll talk to you soon. Can't wait!


Lauren said...

how about 2:00 then?

Lauren said...

Or anytime sooner

Izi said...

Is 3 now - we are about to take H for walk, maybe 5? Up to U

Lauren said...

What about if I ring you when I'm on the computer? I'll ring at about 5.

Anonymous said...

hey izi r u setting up a new blog soon ??? i dont mind if u dont i like hearing about your ballet stuff... hows school going what r ur teachers like..? your school cant be as awesome as the one you lesft beacause we have KFC and ME(mt everest) and figis althought he is annoying and trinity and brianna and ester but anyway takl soon ......Zoe

Izi said...

Hi Zoe!!!!

HAPPY EASTER! I have actually got a letter sitting here on the bench for you! Did you get my other one? Ya know, with all the other letters for you to give to some other friends at OCS. Like .... Bri, Trin, Figiss and you? Maybe not! Ok. Yeah, I'm thinking about setting up another blog. Maybe - working on this chat website thing called 'Google Buzz,' at the moment, though. Will give you the address to that when I'm finished setting it up.

Good to hear from you. New school ..... excellant, but still battling with horrible teacher. Irrr ..... we all hate him!!! Will tell you more - in private!


I wrote about him in my letter that's for you - the one that's still on my bench - I think!!!

Ok, give my love to you, Esther, Emily Colla, Whitney, Bri, Triity, Figiss, and the rest!

love lots, Izi xoxo

Anonymous said...

hey yea i got both your letters havent had the chance to give the second load out but i read my one from both loads and have been meaning to reply for ages anyway i explain it more in the letter im sending in th mail and figiss is starting to get on my nerves cos wwell i explin it in the letter ...sorry my letter for u is a bit short but it was kind rushed and i havent had that much on except ester brought twister to school and i totally flogged everyone hahah i love having long legs but becaus of twister my legs have been hurting for days and when i did cross country today it made it worse but mr chown ran like the whole thing with me and really hurt me i was barely breathing anyway i had a teacher like that last year except i missed her when she was gone cos class was really bludge with her anyway......i wish you still lived here trrinity is always making me laugh but we all still really miss you especially in maths :) (y) hehehe anyway ill talk soon :) from.............zoe oh and you didnt give bri your blog adress :)

Izi said...

HEY ZOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sooooo good to hear from you! I'm REALLY glad that you got my letter, both of them, infact. I will look forward to the one you are sending me, sounds awesome! Can't WAIT!!!!!!

ha ha ha, that twister thing sounds ..... interesting. Well done on winning, though.

WOW, how weird, we had our cross country yesterday, too. Today everyone in Warrnambool got the day off, because of the races. ha ha, pretty cool!

Maths is so boring without you. It so sucks! All we are doing at the moment is algebra, algebra, albegra and more algebra. Ooh, please kill me!!!!!

Will SOOOOO look forward to hearing from you.

love you lots, Izi xoxoxox : )

Anonymous said...

hahahaahaha ididnt we do algebra before you left oh :( you poor baby hehe yea well i was the one who ran it everyone ese did it the day after and mr chown ran the whole thing with me i kept telling him to bee quite hehe but i made it to state(we dont have a regional we just go to state) anyway it was fun..... trinity is replying to and i think we should make up a nickname for micheal cunial :) cos ester keeps calling hime "you know who" haha but i want a nickname for him and i figure we will be albe to think of something seings as we thoughtof KFC and figis :) i beter go i miss you so much ......luve u hehe :) <3

Izi said...

Hi ZoZo!

ha ha, I know - we've actually got a couple of maths tests coming up. We don't have exams here at King's you see, just tests. However, I'm still really nervous.

Well done on making it to state, as I probably said, Emma and I just walked the whole thing, we really couldn't be bothered to run it!

YAY, I will look forward to Trinity's letter as well as yours. Actually, I haven't got your yet. Don't worry, though, the postage system in Victoria is really bad.

Ummm, I actually don't know what to knick name Michael Cunial. I will do some thinking about it.

I REALLY miss you and Trin and Bri and Esther and Emily and Figiss and all those girls. The reason Bri doesn't have my blog address is because on the day I was giving them all out, she wasn't there. I actually brought it on camp with me to give it to her, cut I totally forgot! whoops. Can you give it to her for me? Thanks :)

Actually, we're off on a school exchange in Heathdale tomorrow. I'm soo excited. We have to get up at 4:30 am - eeeekkk! And we only get back at 10:30 the following night.

Ooh well, it'll be fun.

Talk soon!

Izi : )

Anonymous said...

haha thats awesome

i will give br your adress

and the girls think since we have kfc the should be mic(as in from micheal mic) donalds hahaha anyway better be going talk later

ZOE(y) haha

Anonymous said...

hi izi

did u get my letter??

oh and whitney sent you one (shes been having a hard time il send you another letter saying y )

sorry i you 'n' missing you


Izi said...

Hi Zoe,

I'm going to go and e-mail you now! Yes, I got your letter. Thank you so much, it made my day!

And mic, is great for Michael. Actually, in our class we have two Michael's and one of them is often called Mick.

Goodbye for now, and thanks so much for your comments and letters.

Izi :)

Anonymous said...

i havent got ur letter ??? anyway thx

Izi said...

Hi Zoe!

So good to hear from you. WOW, that letter, I can't even remember sending it. Ooh well, I do have another one here for you. I will try send it today.

I also tried e-mailing you a few times, but they just bounced back, which so sucks! I will try AGAIN though.

So how's school going? We go back to school on Wednesday, because we're a private school.

I got a letter from Ester yesterday. I'll have to reply. It was really nice to hear.

Ok, thanks again. I love hearing from you.

Izi :)

Izi said...

Ooh yeah, and I still haven't got the letter from Whitney. whoops !!