Saturday, April 30, 2011

What's Inside My Dance Bag .....

My Waterbottle (Well, it's actually my brothers, but he doesn't use it, so I do!)

Warm up 'bunheads,' 'strap.' I do exercises with it before class.

'Dance Energetic,' ballet jumper.

Back up Intermediate CD - just incase my teacher forgets hers or if it's faulty.

Spair leotard (purple)

Two pairs of spair stockings. You never know when your pair might rip!

Ballet flats with ribbons

Another 'Dance Energetic,' ballet jumper

Toe protectors for when on pointe.

My saviour - Voltaren. Great for sore muscles, takes away the pain and heels them in no time. I use this stuff a LOT! It's availabe from most pharmacies in Australia.

Garnier Deodorant - another one of my saviours. Available from most Woolworths, Safeways and Coles.

Demi Pointe shoes. Most of my work is done in these.

Pointe Shoes. $100 from BLOCH

And last of all ..... My Ballet Bag! I fit all my stuff into this sweet little (well, not that little when it's filled to the brim) bag. I got it when I was in Paris for only 12 euros.

I've been thinking about writing a post about, 'what's inside my dance bag,' for a while now. So today, when my Mom was asleep and my Dad and little bro were out fishing, I decided to.

As you can tell by all the pictures, there's quite a lot of stuff. Some of it I hardly ever use, such as the spair stockings and leotard.

Other stuff, like my waterbottle, voltaren, deodorant, pointes ect, I use a lot.

So as you can imagine, my ballet bag is pretty heavy. Although I don't really care, because it's full of my favourite brands such as BLOCH, Dance Energetic and Bunheads.

When I get home, I always hang my ballet shoes up on the back of my door. This keeps them fresh and smell free.

Also, if you leave your sweaty shoes just sitting in your bag until your next dance class, then can grow mold.

Thanks for reading/commenting!


sharn said...

Hi Iz

Sharn said...

Hi Iz love what you've done with the site and the article on your ballet bag!!!

Izi said...

Hi Sharn,

Thanks so much for reading/commenting! ha ha, I love the new header, side bar pictures and background, too.

Thanks! I'm glad that you like the post about what's inside my ballet bag!

Izi : )

Briony Katie said...

Hello Izi!

Lovely post. Thank you for your comments on my blog.

Listen about the advertising, don't sweat it. Since you saw my little rule and said sorry then thats okay.

You see the reason I have that rule is because I often check out new commenter's blogs anyway. Perhaps even follow them. So there is really no need to advertise.

Anyway, I hope we can be friends.

~Briony Katie~

Lauren said...

Hi Izi

I LOVE!! the new backround, it's so cool!

The pics are cool also.

Lauren ( :

Crista "Moriah" said...

Lovely blog, Izi! :)


Izi said...

Hi Briony Katie,

Thanks so much for visiting my blog, anyway. I'm glad that you liked it as much as I liked yours!

Thanks for reading/commenting!

Izi : )

Izi said...

Hello Lauren!

Yeah, I love the new pics and background, too. When you set up a blogspot, I will give you the internet address to to a website where you can find really awesome backgrounds.

Ok, chat soon!

Izi : )

Izi said...

Hi Crista 'Moriah,'

I'm really glad that you like my blog. I really like yours, too. Thanks for becomming a follower!

Izi : )

Holly said...

How interesting! That's some cool stuff in there :)

Izi said...

Yeah, it is, hey. I have been really looking forward to doing this post!

Julie said...

did you take this idea from a dancer's days?? I love it!!

Izi said...

Hi Julie,

I do read a dancer's days, but I didn't actually the the idea off ballerinablogger. You see, I have been thinking about doing this post for ages now. It's just taken a while to get all the photos taken and all that. (I'm slack!!)

Anyway, it just turned out that ballerinablogger posted about HER bag at about the same time I posted about mine! Weird, hey?

Hope you have a great day.

Izi : )

Pas de Deux Princess said...

I love this! It's like your own take on the Pointe Magazine articles for what is in professional ballet dancers bags. It's super cute!

Izi said...

Thank you so much, Pas de Deux Princess! You're awesome. I loved the comment. So going to follow your blog now!

Izi : )

Juliette said...

Hey Izi! It's me again :) I wanted to ask you how you like your pointe shoes??? they look really pretty :) also do you have any tips on strengthening your feet for pointe/knowing when you are ready? I know that a teacher will tell you when you are ready for sure but i was just wondering if you maybe had a little test you could give yourself to see if you're ankles are strong, toes are strong, etc. Thanks so much for answering all my questions! you are so helpful! Hope you have a fabulous day!

Izi said...

Hi Again, Juliette,

Yes, I really like my pointe shoes. They are the brand: European Balance.

I got them from BLOCH about nine months ago. Before I had these ones, I had some other brand (not too sure.) They were really terrible for my feet, because the 'pointe,' was too narrow. A fatter pointe is what you are looking for.

Ummm ..... knowing when you feet are ready for pointe. That's a thing your teacher really has to tell you, because she sees you dancing every day, so will know when you are ready for it. Sorry Juliette, but that's something I wouldn't be able to answer for you : (

Ok, now for some strengthening exercises. I know you are going to groan when I say this ..... but LOTS of releves. Hundreds, actually. That will really help to strengthen your feet for pointe.

Thanks so much for asking your questions, I have really enjoyed answering them. I hope that my answers can help, even if just a little.

Izi : )

Juliette said...

Hey Izi! Thank you so much! You are so sweet to answer all my questions! You're answers are so specific and totally helpful! I hope you have a fabulous night! ( or based on the time you answered me, looks like it's morning where you live! Lol!)

Anonymous said...

Hey do you wear a bra with your leotard? Thanks.

Izi said...

Hey Juliette,

You're very welcome. I love answering questions, as I am sure you have said before.

Well, right now, here in Australia, it's ..... 5: 23 PM. Hey, where did you say you live? Do you have a blog, if so, I would love to follow it!

Izi : )

Izi said...

Hi Anonymous,

No, I don't wear a bra with my leotard. It has got enough support not to have to.

Thanks so asking, I am happy to answer any questions you have regarding dance and the stuff that goes with it!

Have an awesome day,

Izi : )

Juliette said...

Hey Izi! Omg you live in Australia???? That is soooo awesome! Have you ever been to see the Australian ballet do a performance? I love the Australian ballet.... I rented their Coppelia from netflix :). I live in the U.S! It is almost tleve thirty here! Lol! It's so fun to be communicating with soemone so far away that loves to dance like me :) Hope you have a great NIGHT!

Izi said...

Hi Juliette,

Yeah, we live so far away, but in a click of a button we can be communicating. How cool!

No, I've never seen the Australian ballet, though I would like to one day.

Ok, so it's going into the NIGHT here, so that would mean that it's almost DAY in the USA! Have a good one!!!!

From you Aussie friend,

Izi : )

Chloey* said...

I got a comment awhile back that I just now found that requested to do a post like this one (I'm guessing from the same Juliette). And if she reads this, I just want to know if you still want me to do a post on this since Izi did it?
We follow each other, and it doesn't feel right to do the same posts as her :)

Izi said...

Hi Chloey*

Look, I really don't mind if you do the same post as me.

Actually, just a little while back, 'ballerinablogger,' from 'A Dancer's Days,' did the same post as me, literally on the same day. I had no idea she was doing hers, and she had no idea I was doing mine.

ha ha, it was a real coincidence!

Thanks so much for the comment though.

Izi :)