Thursday, May 5, 2011

What I Wear To Ballet

Hi All!

Have you ever wondered what a ballerina wears to dance class. Well, those of you who are reading this, probably not, because you are all professional dancers yourselves.
However, I guess all dancers dress ..... just a little different for one another.
Here's what I wear to ballet:


Black ballet leotard from BLOCH

So that's what I wear to ballet. I haven't included shoes in my list, since there are so many types that I wear (pointe, demi pointes, flats, character etc ...) that I just decided to leave it be.

If you are wondering how often to wash your ballet clothes, it's as simple as this: whenever they start to smell.

ha ha ha, well, you don't actually want to be smelling in your class, so if you know that they are fine for, say three lessons, and then after the fourth they get a bit smelly, then wash them every three lessons. That's what I do!


Lauren said...

What if your cold, do you have a jacket (:

Jordan said...

haha thanks for enlightening me, izi! :)
and thanks for the comment on my blog. i really like your blog. you've designed it really well with lots of good ballet pictures.

Izi said...

Hi Lauren,

Thanks for reading/commenting. Yes, if I'm cold I could wear my ADIDAS sports pants (not shown) or my DANCE ENEGRETICS ballet jumper that I showed you in the previous post.

Hope that helped.

Izi : )

Izi said...

Hey Jordan,

ha ha ha, you know what's so weird, is that as I write this comment, my Mom is talking to you big sis on the phone (Kylie.) Weird, hey?

Thanks so much for your comment. It really means a lot to me when people say nice things like you just said.

I love your blog too, by the way. You have also designed it really well.

Ok, chat soon!

Izi : )

Juliette said...

Hey Izi! I just found your blog and recognized your name from the comments on a dancer's days! lol :). Your blog is sooo cute! I love it! Do you like your leo? It looks really cute! Could you maybe do a post on what you bring to your recital, how you prepare for it, etc.? Thanks so much and sorry for such a long comment!

Izi said...

Hi There Juliette,

So glad that you found my blog! ha ha ha, yes, I do follow 'a dancer's days,' you are very observant!!!

Sure, I would love to post about what I bring to rehersals. Do you mean rehersals, like, every day dance class, or like, when you are preparing for a concert!

Great to hear from you, chat soon!

Izi : )

Kelly-Anne said...

Hi Izi, please visit my blog, I have something there for you!


Juliette said...

Hey Izi! Thanks for responding! I meant like shows or performances on stage. Can''t wait to read the post! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I was just wondering is your leo supportive? What brand is it?

Izi said...

Dear Kelly-Anne,

Wow, what is it? I'm so excited! Can't wait!

Izi : )

Izi said...

Hi Juliette,

Yes, sure - I would love to post about that. Although I think that I'll do it towards the end of the year, because that's when my ballet school has it's production.

Although if you would really like, I can do it sooner!

Thanks for the comment!

Izi : )

Izi said...

Hey Annonymouse,

Thanks so much for reading the post and commenting on it.

Yeah, my leotard is quite supportive. Although not as much as it could be.

The brand it .... Michelle, I think, and it's from BLOCH.

See Ya!

Izi : )

Chloey* said...

Hey Izi! Just wondering what is your dress code? When you reach a certain level can you wear any colour of leos or is it where each level is a different colour?

Izi said...

Hi Chloey*

At my dance school, at my level I could pretty much get away with wearing any colour. However, I am probably supposed to wear black, so that's what I wear, most of the time.

Although I do have red and pink ballet jumpers, and a purple leotard.

Sorry I took so long to reply.

Izi : )