Monday, September 26, 2011

Quick Update


OK, so not much has been happening at the moment. Although I did just find out that my exam is in about a months time, so ...... yeah - I'm really nervous.

Working on those pirouettes hard, must say!!

My teacher said that if you don't have space to practice pirouettes, then simply go over to a bench or a barr or something and practice your releves on one leg.

Hold your leg in the pirouette position for as long as possible. This helps you keep your leg up when you are turning.

So that what I'm doing. I also got new pointe shoes a few weeks ago, so I've been doing some pointe work at home.

I'm sure I've already said this, but my new pointe shoes are AMAZING! They are soft, but still good to work in and when I pointe my foot it looks great too.

I tell you, European Balance is the WAY TO GO!!

Thanks to all those people who have been voting on my most recent poll. However, I think I've only got 10 votes so far. Come on guys, surely more than 10 people have looked at my blog in the last two weeks.

There are only 4 more days to vote so get voting everyone. I appreciate it, as I'm sure you're aware of.

Thanks xx


Anna said...

Ooo I'll have to try the European Balance!

Melissa said...

I'm working on pirouettes too they are hard I got my first pair of point-shoes last week.


Izi said...

Hi Anna,

Yes, definitly try the European Balance Dance shoes. They are totally the best pointe shoes out there.

Also, get the ones with the bigger tip, or 'pointe,' they help you balance much better.

Have a great rest of your day!

Izi :)

Izi said...

Hey Melissa, welcome to my blogspot.

Yes, they are really hard - I think every ballerina agrees with that.
My ballet teacher danced with the Australian ballet, and she still agrees that they are tough!

Thanks for becomming a follower of my blog. I'll go and check your out now.

Izi :)

Melissa said...

hey Izi,
my teacher is a russian so she is sometimes hard to under stand but you get used to it I adore her except when she's angry!


Izi said...

Hi Melissa,

Nice to hear from you again. Hey, did you see the comment on your blog that I left. I really loved your blog. It's great!

Yeah, I really like my teacher. She never gets angry at me.

Melissa said...

My teacher doesn't get angry at me it's just a few of the other girls just talk all the time and that annoys her.


Izi said...

Hey again!

Yeah, one of my old teachers (a few years ago) used to get angry at us if we talked too much.
Sometimes she would get angry if we apparently weren't listning or something.
As you can imagine, I didn't got to that school for long. Well, two years - but that's not what I would consider 'long.'
Then I moved to a really nice, small ballet school. I was there for two years before we moved here.

Izi :)