Monday, September 5, 2011

Tips To Improve Your Arabesques

Hey there!

I've got twenty minutes before I leave for my Monday dance class. So, I decided to post in that time.

A while ago, somebody suggested that I do a post about how to improve your arabesques. Well, it's your lucky day, Cu's' this post is for you!

To start off with, let me ask you a question. What is the most amazing thing about an arabesque? Is it the standing on one leg, or the working foot? No, it's the graceful curve in the spine whilst the leg is extended.

It depends on how flexable your back is as to how high your leg will get.

Use the 'cobra,' stretch to improve the flexibility of your back. The more flexible your spine, the nicer the arabesque will look, and the easier it will be to keep your leg up.

Secondly, keep your arms looking graceful, but relaxed. Don't force your shoulders out when you extend your arms. Having your arms in the wrong place will pull you off balance. It will twist your spine and this will ruin your arabesque.

When you do an arabesque, all you think about it the leg that's up in the air, right. Yeah - I do too! We forget about the leg that's actually giving us support, and that's the leg that we are standing on.

Turn it out from the hip as much as possible, and keep it totally straight.

Here are just a few small tips, I'm sorry, but I must be off to dance class right now. If you want to know more arabesque tips, simply ask me in a comment and I'll reply to you with some more arabesque tips.

Got to run ..........


Elizabeth said...

What if you experience pain in your lower back from doing arabesque?

Izi said...

Hey Elizabeth

Ooh no, that's terrible! Are you experiencing pain in your lower back whilst doing an arabesque?

Look, I am not an expert and phsyo or anything but I guess I could give you some tips. First of all, seriously, don't do any of the exercises I posted about. That would probably be the worst thing for your poor back.

Secondly, see a doctor or phsyo. They are the ones who are really going to know what to do.

And thirdly, give it some rest - that's probably the best thing for it.

I hope your back gets better soon. It's awful for a ballerina to have a bad back!!

Izi :)