Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm Really Upset!

Hi :(

At the moment I am really upset and angry at myself. You see - my teacher phoned me today and said, "Something arrived in the post for you today."

It was my results.

As you have probably guessed they weren't very good, at all. Sigh.
My teacher didn't' actually tell me how many points I got, she just said that I have got "Brilliant," marks.
I had got a merit.
I was really hoping for a distinction. I have never not got a distinction before (apart from this time.)

When I got off the phone, I just burst into tears. Mom and Dad both said that it didn't matter, there was always my intermediate exam next year, and after all, it wasn't like I hadn't passed.

Today at ballet, I will find out how many points I actually got. All I know is that they will be below 75.

:( - that's how I feel!


your sympethetic friend (Lauza) said...

hey, it's ok. You'll definatly get a distinction next year. You still passed. You did a lot better then I have ever done at gymnastics. I know exactly how you feel. I am very sympethetic. ):

IZI said...

Thank for the comment, Lauza, and the encouragement too. Sorry I haven't replied to any of you or comments latley.

Cassie said...

Hey, Izi! I don't really know how you feel, 'cause I've never gotten a distinction. I just wish I could give you a bear hug and cheer you up. And hey, if you'r realy fellimg distresed, then read the Psalms in the Bible.

Cassie xoxoxo