Friday, October 1, 2010

Intermediate Foundation Ballet

Hi again! Sorry I haven't updated for a while.

I have got being upset and angry with myself about my exam marks, but I haven't changed my mind to practice at home.
Unfortunately I have only practiced once in the last week. ha ha - I feel really bad about that.
Straight after this I am going to go and practice.

What I have managed to do it ride 66 km on the exercise bike in three days and walk up and down our drive about a million times (it's quite long, too).

Yesterday I was practicing my arabesque with my leg up on the window-sill and up on demi pointe. I think it set my back off, because now it is really sore and in spasm. Sigh!

It won't stop me practicing right after this, though!

(As I sit here writing this, my brother is watching me - irrrrr. He wants me to write about him. When I asked him what he wanted me to say about him, he just said "Just say that I am a very talented ballet dancer." ha ha)

You know what, I just noticed that since I started intermediate, I haven't really written about it at all.
However, it is going well. The new pointes are AMAZING! I fell like I can do anything on them. I just with that I could have had them before the exam.

Most of the exercises on demi pointe are really hard, but, as I have said before, It is good to be able to do something new!


Cassie said...

Why do you have to exercise so my? I only exercise for maybe.. 6 hours per week. At MAX!!
And I hardly ever practice my ballet at home, apart from the common twirl about the house and dancing to music with my little sisster. (She dose ballet too.)

Cassie xoxoxo

P.S. I am following your blog now.

Izi said...

Hi Cassie!

I have to excercise so much becasue, at this level of ballet, if I want to get good marks, I need to be very fit, and do a lot of ballet practice.

Thanks for becoming a follower - that's really cool!

Izi xoxoxo

Lauren said...

keep up the great work. You can do anything if you practice enough. I hope you contienue practicing and working out. I wish I was as determined as you. I have been trying to do heaps of exercise to keep fit, but so far I've failed. Anyway I start swimming soon.

IZI said...

Hay Lauren,

Thanks for the comment! I also hope that I will continue the practicing and working out.

With the smimming ..... perhaps at the begining of the season you should think "I am going to do perhaps ..... a thousand laps of the pool." Then, try to do that many - or more (during the season, not just in one day, because that would be weird.)

That's what I do. Not with the pool, but with the excercise bike.

Izi xoxoxo

IZI'S BIGGEST FAN!!! (Lauza) said...

that's a good idea, but I'm going to swimmimg lessons (more like squad) with Cassie, so you have to do what the swimmimg instuctors tell you to do. I was the fastest swimmer last year, hopfuly I will still be the best this year.

Cassie said...

I'm sure you're really fit. Don't fret about it.

Cassie xoxoxo

IZI said...

Ha Ha

Thanks, Cassie. I'm not tooo sure about that, but I do think it is still a good idea to practice.

Izi best friend (Lauza) said...

Hi Izi
I just jogged 1500m on the treadmill. You're amazing at how many ks you can ride on the exercise bike. I'm doing netball on a Wednesday night now. It's tough competion because most of the girls are 15 and they are REALLY fit. I'm also doing swimmimg I did 150 metres of butterfly and the coach said that he might create another higher level for me cuz the level I'm in is too easy and it's the highst level. I'm excited ( :

IZI said...

Hi Lauren,

I didn't know that you had a tread mill. I wish that we had one so I could walk on rainy days as well!

Izi xoxo