Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Look!

As you have probably noticed, my blog has taken on an all new look!
I have changed the background, using the website "the cutest blog on the block."
If any of you have a blog, and have never visited "the cutest blog on the block" website - I highly recomend it. There are millions of backgrounds, absolutely free!

What's also good about it is that they give you easy to follow instructions.
Unfortunately, they did miss out one of the steps - so that stuffed me up for a couple of hours, but I eventually worked it out.
If you are thinking of changing your blog's background and have never used "the cutest blog on the block" site before, just tell me and I will give you the step they have left out.

Anyway, if you are a follower of my blog, you probably are here to talk about ballet, not about how to change the background on your blog.

You see, the last time I updated my blog was once ballet classes had finished up for the week. I haven't done any practicing since then, because I have come down with a rotten cold.

It's not influenza, because when I have that I can't even walk from the living room to my bedroom without feeling like I'm going to die!

I think I have just got a bad cold, because I can walk around (I even went for a 250 metre walk the other day), but I am blowing my nose constantly and have to keep taking paracetamol to stop the headaches.

However, having this cold has been good. Since I haven't really been able to do anything but sit in front of the TV or Internet, I was able to spent hours giving my blog a makeover!

(So, you see, little blog, if I hadn't got this cold I wouldn't have been able to give you such a beautiful makeover.)

Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon I will be feeling good enough for an hour and a half of ballet.
Even if I don't feel better, I think that I will just have to go.
After all, it's only a few weeks until "Peta and the Wolf!"

P.S: I did practice grands ronds de jambe en l'air yesterday.



The new look looks GREAT, I LOOOOOOOVE it!

Lauza (again) said...

P.S: I HOPE YOU GET BETTER FROM THIS COLD. At the moment I have a sprained wrist from falling of my horse. So I can only type with one hand ) :

Anonymous said...

Hi Iz, love the new look for your blog and your new hairstyle (envious of the latter!!!) Thought of a new header for your blog..maybe..."when the going gets tough, the tough go on pointe!" or "a teenagers take on life....and ballet of course!"

Izi said...

Dear Anonymous Person,

I know who you are. You're name is Sharn. Infact, right at this moment you are only a few steps away from me - literally!

Anyway, I love your ideas for the new header. They are cool.

Umm, yes, I have had a haircut and I know you are envious of it. You should have your hair cut like it,

Izi xoxo

Izi said...

Hi Lauza,

I hope I get better from this cold soon. Too. At the moment I haven't got any shoes on, so that's probably not going to help.

Hang, on, I will go and get some ......

Hope your wrist feels better soon. Thankfully it was your right one so you didn't have to go to school!

Izi xoxo

Izi said...

Hi again, Lauza,

Very glad to hear that you love my blog's new makeover, too!

Izi xoxo

Anonymous said...

I think mabye you should have a pic of yourself on the blog, so people could see you.

Izi said...

Hi Anonymous,

I would love to put pics on my blog of me, too. Unfortunatly, my Mom and Dad don't think that it's a good idea.

Sorry about that!

Izi xoxo

Cassie said...

Like the new look. I'm thinking of starting a blog too.

Cassie xoxoxo

Izi said...

Hi Cassie,

I'm really glad that you like the new look, too.

If you need any helf with your blog, just e-mail me. I probably won't be able to tell you too much about what to do, but perhaps I might possible know.

Izi xoxox