Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Peta And The Wolf"

Gidday All!

I think that I must just accept the fact that I am really slow at updating my blog.
It's not that I don't absolutely love my blog spot - to be honest, I check it every day for comments and pole updates, it's just that, whenever I DO look at it, there usually isn't time to actually update it. For example, in a school break.

I have spent the last ..... ages trying to change the caption on the header of my blog.
At the moment it says "the lead up to my first pointe exam." Well, we all know that's all over with, so I am trying to write another caption instead. Problem is, I don't know how. Sigh. But ..... If anyone does know, please, don't hesitate to tell me!

Yesterday I spent ages in our office practicing standing on one leg on pointe, the other up on the window still.
I took a video of me doing this, and corrected my mistakes. When I eventually took my pointe shoes off, my feet we all numb and really sore.
I had ballet later that day, too. I don't think my pointe work was that good in class. ha ha.

Hay, I haven't told you this, but our end of year concert this year is going to be "Peta and the wold." Yup, Peta, not Peter.
It is still pronounced the same, but Peter is a girl (me, in fact) and so my teacher decided to change the spelling to Peta - which is pretty cool.

The music for "Peta and the wolf" is really beautiful. I will be doing my dancers on pointe which is really good.
In last years end of year concert, I danced on pointe, too. Unfortunately it wasn't very good, but I guess I had only been on pointe nine and a half months, then.

I am REALLY excited for the concert, even though it's about ........ nine weeks away. Maybe ten.
I will have to ask somebody.

My teacher asked me to come half an hour earlier (4:00pm) on Monday so that I could practice my dances with the grade threes before me, which will be pretty fun doing extra ballet, and having other people to do it with.

Just recently, I have started not just walking and riding the exercise bike but ......


I usually hate jogging, but since our holiday at the beach last week (where I jogged along the beach every day and got my fitness up) I have really started to enjoy it.

Now I must go, my piano teacher has arrived, and, you know what, I think I have said everything I need I wanted to.

Thanks for reading/commenting!


Kylie said...

hey iz...if i remember right, we made the caption a part of the pic...
our net is out of usage at the moment so i can't have a look at picnic, but when its back up next week ill see if i can find a copy of the pic we used and send it to you without the caption....

IZI said...

Thanks a lot, Kylie. I really appreciate that.

I had a look on picnik a while ago, but I am not really sure HOW to use it, but I will try again.

Thanks again, Izi xoxo

Cassie said...

Hi! My concert is only 3 weeks away!

Cassie xoxoxo

IZI said...

Hi Cassie,

How cool is that - your concert being only three weeks away. What is the concert, what are YOU, are you going to dance by yourself in it, will you be doing it on pointe?

So many questions - I seriously can't wait to hear all the answers!

Izi xoxo

A girl who is missing you like CRAZY (Lauza) said...

Hi Izi

I hope you do really well for you ballet consert. I'm sorry I never saw any of your conserts, but I know you will do exellent. I'll probally see Cassie's consert though.

Love ya, as always

IZI said...

Hi Lauza,

You know how you said you haven't seen any of my concerts, well, the concert this year is on the 12 of Dec. You are more than welcome to come, if you can.

I wish I could see Cassie's concert. You will have to tell me all about it!

Izi xoxo