Sunday, July 10, 2011

How To Do A Simple Ballet Bun

When you go to your ballet classes, you will obviously need your hair nicely scraped back and away from your face. Most ballet schools insist that your hair is tied up, usually in a bun.
When you try to do your first bun, it's really tricky. However, the more you do, the easier it gets. Here is a 'recipe,' on how to tie your hair up in a bun.

You Will Need:

1) A hairnet that is the same colour as your hair. It should not be visable once in your hair. Also make sure that it has no holes.

2) About 10 - 15 bobby pins.

3) A hairband the colour of your hair.

4) Hairspray

5) Scrunchie the same colour as your leotard


1) Tie your hair into a pony tail in the middle of your head. Make sure that it is tight and secure. However, you don't want it so tight that it hurts.

2) Take the hair and twirl it around its self. Then, wrap it around the pony tail base. (The the pony is attached to the head.)

3) Once in this position, you can put the bun net on. You may need to twist the net around a few times to make it tighter.

4) Place bobby pins into the bun, all the way around. Leave a few over to secure any loose pieces of hair that didn't make it into the bun.

5) Spray with hairspray. And tie scrunchie around it.

So that's how you do a simple ballet bun! Of course, there are thousands of other types of buns that you can do, but that's the one most ballet dancers use. It's easy and very effective.
At the moment, I have got quite short hair. When I tie it into a pony, it would only be about two inches long. That doesn't stop me from putting it in a bun, though.

No Way.

It's so easy, you can even do it with really short hair.


Lauren said...

That's soooo cool!!!!!
I've always wanted to know how to do a neat bun!

Heidi-Mari said...

Hey Izi
That"s the way I do my bun too! Though my mother makes my bun most of the time!! My hair is pretty long, very thick and curly. When I loosen them it’s about half a hand under my shoulders. I never use hair spray, since no pieces hangs out. I only use gel in ballet concerts.
Have a blessed week to come!

Anonymous said...

that sounds pretty much like the way i do it! (if i wear a bun!) :)

Izi said...

Hi Lauren,

Yeah, well there you go. Now you can go and do a beautiful neat bun all by yourself.

Izi :)

Izi said...

Hello Heidi-Mari,

Yes, my Mom also used to do my bun for me, but now I do it. I must admit, it is pretty tricky to start off with, but when you start dancing a fair bit, you sort of want to be able to do it yourself, it's just easier. It's also good to know how to do, since it's YOU who is the dancer.

Thanks! I'll have a good week, I hope. School holidays, ahhhhhh. YAH! Have a fantastic week, too.

Izi :)

Izi said...

Hey Bri,

Do you do ballet/dance? I haven't actually asked you that, yet. Yeah, even if you don't dance or anything, it's a convenient way of wearing your hair, anyway, isn't it?

It also looks really great, and there are literally thousands of different types of buns you can do, I might have to post about that another day.

Izi :)

Anonymous said...

no i don't- but i love to do it just for fun!

yes it's a good way to keep your hair out of your face and it's simple too! :)

ya, you should post more about it!

i really like your new background! it's so funky and cool and fresh and... (i could go on and on!)

thanks for commenting back to me!


Izi said...

Hi Bri,

Thanks. Yeah, I thought that my blog sort of needed a new 'look,' it's always been 'pink,' but now I decided to change it all together. I also added an 'about Izi,' and 'Other ballet blogs,' bit, too.

I'm sorry that your blog doesn't feature in the blogs I've suggested. It's just that the blogs I suggested are supposed to be about 'ballet.' Unfortunatly, some of my favourite blogs are not ballet related AT ALL, so I couldn't feature them.

Your blog is awesome, though.

And .... I so always reply to comments, it's just a think I do.

Have a wonderful evening.

Izi :)

Cassie said...

Hi Izi!

Yes, I pretty much do my bun that way, even thoughi doesn't always turn out!:)

Cassie xoxoxo

Izi said...

Hi Cassie,

Nice to hear from you. Yeah, I think that EVERYONE who does ballet does their buns like that. Well, at least, from the comments I've had on this post, it seems like it.

Have a great rest of your afternoon, and a nice evening.

Izi :)