Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Looking For Another Ballet Blog To Follow?

If you are looking for another ballet blog, apart from 'My Pointe Of View,' to follow, I have written 'reviews,' on a few ballet blogs that I follow.

You can find these reviews under the 'Other Ballet Blogs,' page. They are all great blogs that I really enjoy following. And you know what, if YOU have a ballet blog, and you know that I follow it, there's a strong chance that I have written a review about it.

So go and check it out. I hope you will have as much fun as I have following these wonderful dance blogs. Even if you are not that into ballet, some of the authors also write about here day-to-day life. If they do, I mention it in the review.

Enjoy .....


Juliette said...

Thanks so much for this list Izi! I will definetely take a look at these! By the way your blog looks AMAZING!!!!!!! I love it! Have a great night!!!!

Lauren said...

Cool! I have checked them out and they are really good! I love the way you review things Izi! Your so good at it (: I also LOVE LOVE LOVE they new backround! They just keep getting better (:

Izi said...

Hi Juliette,

Yeah, I do highly suggest that you take a look at them, maybe even follow a few!

ha ha, I thought it was time for my blog to have an 'all new look.' I'm glad you like it.

Izi :)

Izi said...

Hey Lauren,

I'm glad that you like those blogs, they ARE really great - all of them. My fave ballet ones!

You know, my Mom used to be a journalist, so that's probably why I am so good at reviewing stuff.

I'm glad you like the background. I think lots of people do, according to the comments .....

Izi :)

Chloey* said...

Hey Izi, thanks for adding me! I've been meaning to ask, would you like to be on my blogroll? And if you do what picture do you want me to use for your blog.

Izi said...

Hi Chloey*

You're very welcome! My pleasure! I actually really enjoyed writing reviews on all my favourite ballet blogs.

Hey, I would LOVE you to add me, too. Umm ...... could you perhaps use my 'header' picture. Or perhaps my 'profile,' picture. I don't really mind which.

Thanks again.

Izi :)

Heidi-Mari said...

Hey Izi
Thank you for writing about other ballet blogs! I enjoyed looking at each and everyone of them!
Have a blessed day

Izi said...

Hi Heidi-Mari,

Thank you so much for checking out all the blogs. I'm glad that you enjoyed reading them, and hopefully, you can follow some of them, too. I know that all the writers of the blogs would thoroughly appreciate that, from me, and from you.

Izi :)