Thursday, July 1, 2010

First Open Day as a Helper!

Hi everyone!
At ballet yesterday, it was open day for the classes that I help out with. I have only been helping for a term, so this was my first open day as a helper - Yes, I was pretty nervous.
It wasn't too bad, actually, after I realised that I didn't have to look at all the moms and dads, but just concentrait on the students. After all, if was only for fifteen minutes at the end of each class (two classes in total)!
By the end of the second class, I had almost forgotten that anyone was watching me.

In my own class, we did some of the intermediate (the grade above). It wasn't too hard, but from other intermediate excerscises I have done this term - I know it gets harder!
However, my pointe work (excerscises from the grade I am in at the moment) was really great, at least I thought it was.
I didn't realise until the end of class, that my Dad had actualy come in and was sitting, watching me doing pointe from the corner.
I was really happy about this, too, because he can then see that my pointe work isn't always as bad as it was on open day - even though he says he cant' tell the difference.

It is now holidays, so my teacher has lent me a DVD so I can have excerscises to do. I have decided to do them twice a week - that is, if i remember........


Anonymous said...

It's cool that you can help the little girls out at ballet. I would love to help coach gymnastics when I'm older

Anonymous said...

Hi Izi, I am the oldest in my ballet class. I wouild also enjoy helping the littlies do their ballet! It's funny how after I have watched them do some of their excersises, I think that I could do them a lot better! (I know, it's kinda mean, but it IS true!)


IZI said...

Hi Becky,

Yeah, it's true, but I guess that's would be because you are older and way more experienced then them.

Hope you will be able to help out some day, too. It's heaps of fun!

Izi xoxo