Thursday, July 22, 2010

Is One Of My Toes 10 Inches longer Than The Others?

Hello again everybody, sorry about the lack of updates this past week.

My back is still a little sore, but sooo much better than last week. I guess all the pills and spray and hotties helped.

Monday was my first day back at ballet for term 3. I felt really guilty when my teacher asked if I had watched the ballet DVD in the holidays and I said 'No'.
To be honest, I really had forgotten all about it. It was at the back of all my coupboard . Anyway, my teacher asked me to please watch it the next day.
Guess what......I DID!
As I was watching it, I got really worried, because there were all these excerscises that I hadn't learnt.
On Wednesday, I asked my teacher about it. When she told me that I won't have to perform those excerscises in the exam, the relief was huge.

On pointe on Wednesday, nine of my toes hurt at all (which is VERY unusual) But the toe next to my baby one on the left hand foot felt about 10 inches longer.....don't ask me why.
By the end of class, I thought that something might be stuck to the end of my toe, or something like that. But when I took of my shoe, it was just normal.
I am still wondering what it could be. If anyone has an idea, and idea at all, please tell me!!!


Jontrish said...

Hi Izi

Just typed a whole comment and didn't select the right profile! I remember watching a program about the Ballet School in London and how the girls have to endure many aches and pains (particularly hips joints) and this as a result of your body growing along with the stress of the exercise you are doing. However it is all worth it! Please put some pics on from your ballet. I would love to show Megs & Jess. Take care! Trish

Cassie said...

sorry Izi, but I don't know why your toe felt 10 inches longer! I reeeeally like the "stretching before class picture!

Lauren said...

sounds weired to me ( :

Anonymous said...

Um, okaaaay....that is weird

the pics are so beautiful


IZI said...

Yup, it is ..... VERY weird. I agree.