Thursday, July 8, 2010

Smelly Hands!

I am very puffed and tired out because I have just finished practicing. I didn't injure myself at all today, now that's an inprovement!
The reason I decided to practice my ballet today, was because my hands smelt of chook poo -yep, chook poo!
You see, I had taken a little kid that we were looking after for walk to our chicken shed to collect eggs. He bent down and pick up some lovley fresh poo. (If I hadn't stopped him, I think he would have put it in his mouth - he's still very young)
I had to wash all the poo off his hands while he riggeled and cried. I, of course got the poo all over my own ones, too.
No matter how much I washed my hands with soap, lemon, hand cream, perfume and more soap, they still stunk. To take my mind off the terrible smell, I did my ballet. It worked, my hands don't smell anymore, (the stink must have just oozed in) and I got a good workout.
It seems almost GOOD that I got chook poo on my hands!


Cassie said...

Phewyyy! We have a chicken coop, soi I know what chicken poo smells like!

Anonymous said...

ewwwww that would stink

Anonymous said...

we have chooks as well and I have to look after them (I don't really mind doing so), so I have gotten poo on my hands several times! well, more than SEVERAL times!