Monday, August 23, 2010

4 More Sleeps!

The heading probably makes it sound as if I were excited - but I'm not.....I'm extremal nervous!
I have only got 2 more classes before the exam.....saying that makes me even more nervous!

We went to a large town some kilometres from where we live, on Friday. We got new ballet stockings, and ribbons to sew onto my flat ballet shoes.

On Saturday we looked and looked and looked for a "light pink velvet hair ribbon, about 1 cm wide," that I have to wear in my hair. Don't ask me why!
After ages of searching, we eventually found one. It was light pink, but now velvet. We bought it anyway, then kept searching for one that was actually made of velvet. We ended up finding one in the shop next door, though it was not 'light' pink, we bought in.
I have to show them to my teacher today, and she can decided which one is the the examiner is going to care, anyway!!!

On Thursday, guess how many kilometres I rode on the exercise bike.....15! I know, I was pretty bored by the end of it.
It sounds like a lot of kilometres, but it really isn't that hard, if you can get past the boredom. It's not so bad if I'm watching TV while I am riding, or listening to my Ipod.
Once I went through a stage where I would do something ridiculous like 25 km per day. It took up so much time and I got tooooo seriously bored, that I stopped.

Later on today it is my second to last ballet class before the exam! I think that we are just going to start the music and keep going, not stopping it at all!


Kylie said...

Good luck Izi! Don't be nervous, you'll be great!!
Lots of love x

Lauren said...

15 kilometers?!!! WOW. you are soooo fit

IZI said...

Ha Ha ..... fit? ..... I wouldn't say that!