Thursday, August 26, 2010

Last few hours!!!

In 24 hours time I will be 40 minutes into my ballet exam! It makes me feel sick just thinking of it!
We leave for Canberra at about 4:00pm this afternoon. I usually love going away.
But this time it is a different feeling.....a kind of feeling of "Ooh, No!"

Yesterday was the last class before my exam. I had one and a half hours helping with the other classes, and just the day before I had ridden 23km on the exercise bike, so I was pretty tired by the time it was my turn.
I've decided not to do any riding or exercise today, I must keep all that energy for tomorrow!

What does make me feel better is the thought that in 25 hours time, it will all be over. Now more exams for another whole year! YAY!

Another thing that makes me feel better, is if I think, "After this exam, I have only got one more ballet exam before I can do my two teachers exams. Once the teachers exams are over, I can teach."
That would be cool.

I love ballet, but I don't actually want be be a ballerina or ballet teacher when I grow up. I would prefer to be a doctor. But I guess that I could do some ballet teaching when I'm at uni, for some extra money.

Last night my Mom sewed on the ballet ribbons to my flat ballet shoes. She had to unpick the elastics that were already on the shoes, then sew on the ribbons.
Mom was talking to be about what I should pack for the exam, while she was sewing. She got distracted, and started unpicking the ribbon she had already sewn on!
Mom got really angy and told me that it was her worst job in the world!
She said that it takes 20 minutes to sew each ribbon on and that she had four to do Then she told me that next time she had to sew ribbons onto ballet shoes, she was going to teach me to do it. HA HA HA! Should I be excited that I get to sew ribbons onto my ballet shoes, or not???

Anyway, half way through the sewing, my mom pricked her finger. She said that she was bleeding all over the ribbon, and asked me to go and get a plaster. I pretended to me a doctor, and rushed off to get a plaster to put on her finger.

Guess what, Mom pricked the same finger again. So I had to get another plaster for her. I don't think that I am exactly looking forward to sewing my ballet ribbons on next time!!!

Finally, the ribbons were on. Then my mom fixed the ribbon on my pointe shoe. It had come a little bit loose without me realising. Thank goodness mom did!!!

You are probably wondering what I will do with this blog once my exam is over.
Well, I will write about how the exam went, then, because I love being a 'blogger,' I will continue it about "The lead up to my foundation exam!" I think that's a good idea.

I will only find out what the results for my intermediate foundation exam are late next month. Depending on how good they are, I might tell you!

I had better go and pack my bag. Only.....23 hours left!


Anonymous said...

Hey Izi, I'm excited that you will be entering a new stage of ballet after this exam!!! And yes, I hate sewing on the ribbons but I would hate for you to do it all on your own and then I'd just have to sit and watch and be out of a job!!! love you more than you love to dance, Sharn

Anonymous said...

I'm hopeless at sewing!!!

Izi's biggest fan (Lauren) said...

I am glad you're not closing the blog. I've enjoyed commenting on it. Keep up the good work on your blog and in your dancing.

IZI said...

Thanks, Lauren,

I'm also glad that I will be keeping my blog. I actually really enjoy having it!

Izi xoxo

P.S: I know that this reply is REALLY late.

Izi said...

Hey Becky,

Yeah, now that I have had to do the sewing on my ribbons, I have realized that I am ... well ... not particually AMAZING at it either.

Izi :)

Izi said...

Hi Anyonymous (Sharn),

You know, it's really weird replying to comments from a post 1 year ago. And the fact that tomorrow is my Intermediate exam is even weirder.

Anyways, thanks for the good wishes for last year, I guess I needed them. And yeah, Intermediate was hard but fun.

You'll probably never read this reply but hey, it was fun anyway!

Izi :)