Sunday, August 1, 2010

By The End Of The Month, I Will Have Done My Exam!!!

Because I missed ballet on Wednesday, I decided to practice today.
I went into our study, got into pants that I could actually move in (I had jeans on at the time), put my ballet shoes on, and started.
I did all the barr and was really impressed to see that I could do demi grands ronds de jambe without my leg clunking half way through. Once I realised this, I couldn't stop doing it.

One thing I REALLY need to work on is the splits. I can't do them. Once when I was in grade 2 I could almost get down there, but now that I have stopped practicing, I obviously can't do it.
I put on the music to the adage and stretched and stretched and stretched. By the end of it I felt like I had had a very good workout.

Tomorow it is ballet. I have decided that no matter what state I am in, I will go. It is too close to the exam not to.

When I just then wrote "too close to the exam" I just realised that by the end of the month, my exam well be finished.....IT IS AUGUST, I WILL HAVE DONE MY EXAM BY THE END OF THE MONTH!


Lauren said...

Hey Izi
I can do the splits easily. If you practice everyday you'll surly get them, also once you can do them (as long as you don't stop practicing)you can always do them. The more you practice the less it will hurt. Good luck.

Lauren said...

also DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE EXAM, I'm sure you'll do great. Worring won't help with anything

Anonymous said...

Ohh splits would hurt. I'm glad I don't have to practice them
ps Love the ballet photos ( :

Cassie said...

P.S. Loooooove the pics. Esp. the "stretching before class one!"

Cassie xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to get close to doing the splits.(Please don't think I'm boasting)I think I am the best in my class at them, it will probably be aaaaages before I can really do them, though!
Those pics are sooo pretty.

IZI said...

Hi Becky!

The splits are really hard, and, I know, it takes ages to be flexable enough to be able to even NEARLY do them.

Izi xoxo